Soul of the Band: Making the Cut

Soul of the Band: Making the Cut Summary

Reviewer's Choice (August 2012), Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch - "Soul of the Band is a strongly recommended pick for young readers, highly recommended."

From the Award-Winning Author of The Bum Magnet, Got a Right to Be Wrong, and Worst Impressions, a novel for young adults of all ages. 

Haunted by her mother's breakdown, music-loving introvert, Brandy Jackson, is sent from her inner-city DC home to live with her aunt in nowhere Ohio--and she sticks out like a fly in milk.

Her plans to fly under the radar at her new predominantly white high school and keep her mother's embarrassing illness a secret quickly go awry when she captures the heart of the popular girl's boyfriend...and trades-in her anonymity for a spot in the high school band. 

If you like this book, you will love WORST IMPRESSIONS by K.L. Brady

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