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The SUCCESS Foundation™ believes every teen needs to be directed toward a path that enables them to achieve their goals, pursue a career and become productive citizens. That's why we created SUCCESS for Teens™, a book illustrating the importance of clarifying goals, practicing the small efforts necessary for success, and accepting responsibility for one's own destiny. Organized in an easy-to-read format and sprinkled with engaging exercises, action steps and stories from real teens, SUCCESS for Teens helps teens embrace eight principles that will allow them to shape the futures they want.

Book Reviews

Lilly Frabkfort

Ehhh2 star

Its honestly not what I was excepting and I was really disappointed I’m really into self care and self motivation right now but this did not really help me. It confused me more than anything25


It is pretty good title5 star

It is a really good book and it is very helpful in the real life it will help me grow me and be successful in life when I am older. I love this book and to everyone wanting to read a book about the real life then you should read this book. 💛💛55


Most boring life changing book ever5 star

I go to an academically accelerated high school in Michigan. When I’d applied to the school I had no idea what type of school it was, only that they only admit 30 students in each grade in the entire state. Like many others who applied, I realized that going to the school would put me in contacts with who I needed to make my life much easier. Two months later after hours of ruthless testing and interviewing I received the letter that I still have framed in my bedroom. Unfortunately to my 14 year old self there was also a list of required reading in that admission packet. This book was on it. I can honestly say I breezed past the entire book my freshman year. But whenever someone in my class was less than successful my professors would refer back to the book. I got to reading the book, and realized that a lot of those topics covered applied to me. I can honestly without out that book I would not of graduated as valedictorian, heading to Harvard and on this path of life.55


Awesome5 star

A must read for all young adults!55


So...3 star

I don't really like it I have not even read it yet just by the reviews I can tell it's not very Good I'm not trying to be rude or anything but sorry on a scale of 1-10its a 2 or 3 maybe I'm really sorry but no35


Great4 star

It's a great book, well written for teens to understand not too long not too short 👍45


I loved this book!5 star

At first, I was very harsh on this book. I assumed it was just an unrealistic form of motivation. I was very wrong, and I'm happy that I didn't let my assumptions take over to the point where I would have stopped reading it! It offers very clear advice, on things that often trouble teenagers. It shows that all teens go through these difficult phases. It directs on how to get through stressful situations. It will certainly improve my life, and I hope it will continue to improve the lives of others. And even though the saying it extremely cliche and worn to death, it states that dreams really can come true ; but only through dedication, momentum, and hard work. 😄😆😇😺🙉👍💛55

Annonymous 2344567

A necessary read for teens, parents, and teachers!5 star

As a high school teacher, I decided to read this book to use as a tool to help some of my wonderful, smart, lazy students. This is not only something I am going to recommend for teens and parents, I will be sharing this with my AVID team and school administration as well. Fantastic!,!55


Amazing!!!!!5 star

This book is absolutely amazing. I am very surprised of this books outcome. It does not only teach you how to be successful in life but how to deal with everything in life from day to day basis. It is a guide I think everyone should read. It teaches different aspects of how to be successful and I would recommend this book to anyone.55


It's okay so far I guess4 star

I have to read this be the end of summer for my peer leading group for the start of 8th grade. I mean it's not like your average teen book but honestly some if the things that it says are really good.45

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