Surviving the Drama

Surviving the Drama Summary

Katalyn is beginning middle school with her friends Destiny and Ronnie and she’s been friends with both of them all through elementary school.  Katalyn doesn’t know what’s going to happen in middle school, she’s just hoping for the best. However, there are some mean girls and a lot of drama coming her way at her new school this year.  
Will the mean girls take over Katalyn’s school and ruin her reputation?  Will she keep her two best friends or will the pressure of middle school divide them forever?  Surviving middle school drama is a challenge that Katalyn will just have to face head on. 
This book is the first in a series from 11-year-old author Kariel Pearson.  Kariel hopes to be the voice for other tweens and change the world through writing about the issues adolescents face today.

Book Reviews

jesuss daughter

To mph4 star

It says the author is young so leave her alone. Also I doubt you could write better then and I’m sure you can’t now. Also she is 11 and she has a book published. What were you doing when you were eleven?45


Awesome5 star

Perfect book for all ages55


It was really good5 star

I thought it was gonna be like all those other books I downloaded boring and had in abusive language but it was actually really good and is a greet book for children55


Mph1 star

I could write better than this when I was eight. This is pathetic, stupid, unrealistic.15

Mina امنا

Excellent!!!4 star

Wow! I love this book!45


Top Pick for Tweens5 star

Any child entering middle school should read to help settle their fears. This subject of bullying can be discussed through the charters encounters in the book. Great work from an 11-year-old!55

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