When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me Summary

He's on the road to fame. She's at the end of the line. A chance meeting will change everything.

Kenna Mitchell grew up despised and mistreated by those who should've loved and protected her. Now homeless and alone, with pain too heavy to bear, she's ready to end it all.

Enter Rogan Scott, an up-and-coming rock star with one focus—his band. Out in the woods, looking for song inspiration, he comes across a beautiful girl seconds from ending her life. 

Rogan saves Kenna, only to face her anger. Intrigued by her reactions and motivations, he devotes himself to getting to know the real Kenna Mitchell. Turns out, she doesn't even know herself. Soon their tenuous friendship blossoms into love, and Rogan pulls her into his world of rock and roll. But his social circle proves as cruel as the one she left behind.

As everything spirals out of control, Kenna discovers a shocking secret about her past. With each new lie uncovered, she's gutted worse than before. She rallies every time—until she learns a painful detail she's certain she'll never recover from.

Can Rogan show Kenna that life is worth living, or will the merciless truths of her life convince her to finally end it all?

This book contains sensitive subject matter. 

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Meh1 star

I only made it in a few chapters. Couldn’t take any more. Was expecting something with more emotional turmoil. After all, she was trying to kill herself. But all I’m reading is “he’s so gorgeous” and “she’s so gorgeous”. Not realistic that in a suicidal situation, that’s the first thing they’d be thinking about.15


Not ground-breaking but still fun3 star

Many parts of this story had me frustrated to no end. It seemed to be a very jaded view of what someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide would be going through. There was no true deep-dive into Kenna’s psyche and moments after her attempt to take her life all that was written about was how hot Rogan was. After being saved by Rogan, my first thought was “why isn’t he taking her to the emergency room”, and then later “please ask if she wants to see a counselor” or at the very least, search for the steps to take to help someone with thoughts of suicide online. After finishing the story, the major lesson seemed to be your life is worth living if a hot guys falls in love with you and your parents are famous billionaires. I didn’t feel like Kenna grew at all throughout the story. The only thing that changed was her situation. Overall, this story handles many different traumatic experiences someone can go through, but I’m not sure the profound effects that these emotional and physical traumas might have on a person where accurately represented. However, it was still fun to read as long as I could look past the unrealistic natural of the events.35


Great story5 star

I love the way this author writes, she knows how to pull you into the story from the very first page to the very end. Then leaves you wanting more. I could not put this book down, I read it in one sitting. Kenna and Rogan what a match made in heaven. Kenna comes form the other side of the tracks from Rogan, but he doesn’t care about any of that. He just is so intrigued with Kenna that he can’t help himself, he wants to get to know her. On the journey in learning about Kenna’s life he is pushed further and further from what he could imagine yet he stayed right there by her side. You have just got to read this book and all of Stacy Claflin’s books. You will not regret it, trust me!55

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What a gripper.5 star

I started reading this book last night and just finished it, I did not want to put it down. Now I am anxiously waiting for Sutton’s story. I have read books by Stacy Claflin in past which I really enjoyed but when I read “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me”, I was so drawn in I felt I was in the room with them. Bravo, well written. Jacque W.55

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