A Long, Cool Rain

A Long, Cool Rain Summary

He’s uncovered a long-held family secret. She’s shocked to learn the truth—and to find herself caught between love and loyalty …

Colin Delaney’s wealthy family has been a Central Coast fixture for generations. When the Delaneys are rocked by the sudden death of Colin’s uncle, a shareholder in the family fortune, Colin learns something that throws all he'd thought he knew about the man into question.

Julia McCray knows that her brother, Drew, has been hiding something that’s been tearing him apart. The day Colin turns up on Julia’s doorstep, he reveals a secret that will throw both her world and his into turmoil. Her growing feelings for Colin are decidedly inconvenient—and will test her allegiance to her own family.

A Long, Cool Rain is the first book in the Delaneys of Cambria series, by the author of Moonstone Beach.

Book Reviews


A Long Cool Rain5 star

This one is the best of the series! I read them out of order but had to come back to this first one.55


Good, but not memorable3 star

I really liked that this story line was different, so many romance books follow the same plot lines with different names. I definitely appreciated the fresh takes! This book was okay, the characters were okay, the “steamy” scenes were okay, the humor was okay. Nothing that makes this something I would read again or purchase, as I did download a free copy.35


The Delaney experiences are real5 star

Colin is different from his siblings as he grew up under very different circumstances. Julia is at a loss as to why her mom and younger brother haven’t spoken to each other in a very long time. Both Colin and Julia feel ‘outside’ their families but for different reasons. When Colin is tasked with finding Drew McCray, Julia’s brother, these two finally meet. And though it doesn’t seem like they will be able to get along, there is a hint of something as they fly off to find and confront Drew. These are wonderful characters, part of a very engaging story. Wealth, non wealth, work ethics, relationships for both family and non family members, and numerous turns and twists in this story.bayou won’t be disappointed.55


Fantastic5 star

Great love story. Happy endings.55

mia's allie

A long cool rain2 star

I loved the synopsis. Loved the laugh out loud , first few chapters. Loved Colin, but he could only do so much for this book. Skipped through to the end. And, just like that, everyone is all happy.25

Julia Kent fan

Fantastic!5 star

Wonderful plot, engaging story line. Enjoyed reading!!55


A long cool rain5 star

Excellent TY55

1 Banker

Really good book4 star

Very good book.45

Clean romancer

A long cool rain5 star

Good characters. Good story. Hard to put down. A really good read.55


Along cool Rain4 star

Story was good worth reading. Family life to me seemed a little cool a lot of drama but was written well would recommend reading. I enjoy reading the reviews but how a book cover is presented is also extremely important.45

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