All I Want Is You

All I Want Is You Summary

A brilliant, aloof lawyer, Phin Younger has focused solely on his career and on helping people less fortunate. 

Living his life without romance? He’s just fine with that. Phin knows all too well how relationships make life messy and complicated.

Until the day Emily Lassiter begs Phin to help her teenage brother. Beautiful but as fierce as a lioness, Emily is like no other woman he’s met.

Suddenly, all of Phin’s plans to avoid romantic entanglements are thrown out the window the moment he sets eyes on Emily. 

A former model, Emily now struggles to make ends meet for herself and for her teenage brother Josh. When Josh commits a crime that could put him behind bars for years, she turns to her brother’s court-appointed lawyer, Phin Younger, for help.

But Emily never expected that her brother’s lawyer would be young and handsome. And she definitely never expected that Phin’s kiss would heat a need inside her that soon transforms into a conflagration.

When these two can no longer deny their feelings for each other, an embittered rival of Phin’s threatens to destroy his career, dragging Emily into the scandal. 

Now these star-crossed lovers must overcome the fears that hold them captive—or face a future without the love that could set them both free.

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A true romance5 star

Phin and Emily are adorable! I love these characters. They are full of heart and hope even if they don't always know it. The story is heart-wrenching at times especially between Emily and her younger brother who has made some mistakes and requires Phin, a lawyer, to help. For such good people, they all seem to think that they aren't worth the blessings of family, loyalty and love. I did not read the first two books in this series and it did not hinder the experience of this book. However, it did make me want to read them to get the whole Younger story.55


Finding love4 star

We had a great prologue with beauty snd the lawyer. Now this just topped it off. Emily and Phil are trying to fight a attraction for all the right reasons but they are all wrong. When you find your someone you just do. I enjoyed finding out everything that I questioned from the beauty snd the lawyer! Read that and you’ll get just as hooked as i did! Enjoy I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.45


Phin and Emily’s love story5 star

Iris Morland wrote a beautiful romantic story about the struggles of Emily Lassister trying to support her brother Josh on a waitress salary and not her beauty by modelling. Her brother Josh, hangs around the wrong crowd and get then arrested. Phin Younger a genius who is socially awkward is the court appointed lawyer for Josh. He is instantly attracted to Emily and tries to help Emily and Josh. Emily and Phin characters are well developed with insecurities and flaws. Their storyline deals with learning disabilities, bullying and the justice system. All I Want Is You is a beautiful love story that I highly recommend reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

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