All The Ugly Things

All The Ugly Things Summary

One night changed everything.

In a single breath my entire future was ripped away.

Now I'm left simply trying to pick up the pieces.

Endless nights waiting tables in hopes of keeping a single piece of the dream I left behind.

He came for pie with dark eyes and a cocky smile.

But those eyes saw more than they should.

Past my walls to all those secrets I'd long buried.

That should've been my first warning.

I should've said no when he offered me a job too good to be true.

But I said yes.

Slowly friendship sparked to something more. 

Stolen moments became an obsession neither of us could kick.

Hudson gave me more than I'd ever dreamed.

So much of what I had lost.

A home. A family.

I should've known it was all a beautiful lie.

I should've known he'd only leave me with all the ugly things...

Book Reviews


Disappointed1 star

Just a let down when you get through the book only to find no ending. Not going to read anymore of her books15

Crazy not lazy

All the Ugly Rhings2 star

Interesting, but became boring after awhile. Mistakes were made thru out the book. Johnnie Walker is scotch, not bourbon! There were several other things too numerous too mention. If you’re going to state facts, they should be correct. The characters were good, but I wanted the main character to punch her father in the nose at the very least! I won’t be getting the next book as this one was too dry!25


Good but..4 star

Good story but you have to get the next book to finish the story. The worst part is the lack of editing. So many misspelled or wrong words it sometimes takes from the story.45


All the ugly things5 star

I didn’t like that it was a cliffhanger and you had to get then next book for the ending, but it was a good story.55


All the Ugly Things.1 star

I hate a book that doesn’t have an ending! To find out what happens you have to buy the next book. No thank you! I will never buy another book by this author!15


Amazing5 star

I couldn’t put this book down…. I need more!!,55


All the ugly things4 star

Good bookstore read.45

Army Spouse

Emotional AND...5 star

Such a great story! ❤️ My heart went out to Lilly, what she went through. Hudson is a knight. 💪 Their romance is sweet and hot. I cannot wait for their conclusion; I would like to see how their lives intertwined. This is part of a duet. Thank you Stacey!55


So good!4 star

Duets are so not my jam. It’s not that the duets I’ve read haven’t been amazing because honestly, they all have been. And I have never felt like the second book was unnecessary or that the story could actually fit it in one book but I just don’t have the dedication needed for duets most of the time. It takes a lot for me to want to read one but between this author and the blurb, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read this story. There is an extraordinary amount of angst and more often than not, my heart was broken. I can’t wait for the conclusion so that my heart can be pieced back together and I can be ok again. I can’t think of anything I can share that wouldn’t spoil the story but this book gripped me and didn’t let go. I’m counting down until the end!!45

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