Alphahole Summary

A bad boy, enemies-to-lovers, roommate romance. Aiden is an alphahole and absolutely infuriating.

You're going to effing love him!

I'm Carly.

A nice girl. A nice girl who has recently figured out that nice girls get the shaft. So, I've decided to become Carly 2.0 and say buh-bye Carly 1.0, the doormat.

There's a problem, though. An alphahole is my new roommate and my CEO's son. He's also my boss and the alphahole is gunning to ruin me.

Alphahole:  A grade-A alpha male a*****e.

The epitome? Aiden Carmichael.

Aiden wants to give me the shaft. In multiple ways, if you get my drift.

Good thing the new me has decided to fight back and if push comes to shove, fight dirty.

I'm Aiden. Alphahole.

Or so the chick my father put in my corporate apartment and my department at the office calls me. Whatever. She's got spunk. And a great rack. She tries to come off as a badass, but I see right through the act. If she's gonna tangle with me, she'll be the one to get tied up in knots. It won't be me.

I have no problem fighting and as far as I'm concerned, the dirtier the better.

Standalone, no cliffy. Books 2 and 3 about secondary characters now available.

Book Reviews


Alphahole5 star

So good. Well written. Loved this book!55


From CG5 star

Really enjoyed this book. I would love to see Carly and Adians wedding adventure. Love the all the excitement and the drama. Can’t wait for the next ones.55


Love it!!5 star

Really good book, could not put down55


I loved it!!!5 star

Can't wait for next one!55

Dman Mom

Perfectly Imperfect!5 star

Alphahole- arrogant, alpha, entitled, loosely moraled, a$$hole! Yes I think that describes Aiden Carmichael to perfection. This guy had me alternating between wanting to slap him and/or wrap my legs around him. What is kryptonite to an Alphahole? A sexy, sassy, take no bull, brilliant co-worker named Carly. Ok, co-worker might be a stretch since he is her boss! This smart romance is one of the sharpest books that I have read this year. It has all the slow burn you expect in a well developed enemies to lovers story. It has all the witty banter, snark and heat that made me keep turning the pages. I was lost inside this read as I watched Aiden and Carly dance around each other. I went from wanting her to give him a piece of her mind and take that cocky Alphahole down a peg or two, to wanting her to hump his leg. He’s so sexy, she’s so sassy and together the sparks fly! I was so invested in these characters, by the end of the story, that I felt like an office mate myself. There is nothing sexier than watching two people,who could not be more opposite, find that spark that makes them combust. This author can write well developed characters, she can build up the burn and she can sure let the smoking hot sexy fly when the time is right. If you love an enemy to lovers office romance with all the banter and steam that we expect from a incredible story than you NEED to read Alphahole. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I loved it!55

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