An Ignorant Witch

An Ignorant Witch Summary

Dara was born with natural power, but it’ll be her death sentence if she’s caught.
The aristocratic Witch Kin hold the monopoly on all things magic, and Dara’s half-blood status excludes her from their ranks. She’s never been taught how to control her supernatural abilities, and she has to hide them or pay with her life.
Until Hugh arrives on the scene. He may be a rogue witch, but he’s willing to teach her some things if she’ll help him with his quest. Unfortunately for her, a little knowledge can be more dangerous than none at all.
And she soon finds out there are no quick fixes to errors in magic...

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An Ignorant Witch4 star

Dara knows she is half witch. She also knows that no one else is supposed to know—even her best friend Alice. But when magic threatens her friend, Dara gives in to temptation to use the magic inside her that her father forbade her from learning. Thrust into a harsh learning environment, she discovers she has as much to worry about as her friend. Though Dara is at least two decades old, her naïveté in magic also seems to extend to real world matters and she seems much younger. I found this endearing. At times, her clueless stumbling seemed contrived but I was willing to overlook it to find out the underlying rules of her world.45

another mom who reads

Entertaining, but predictable3 star

The world was painted well, the descriptions were there, but I was waiting for a big twist or reveal, and it never happened. The ignorant witch was almost too naive, to the point where it was like watching a campy horror movie. The author did throw a couple interesting ideas out there as far as fantasy goes, but eh. I won’t be continuing the series.35

professor grammar

Grammar4 star

The grammar needs some work” Hugh and me went to town…”. It is Hugh and I. The idea behind the story was good.45

refusal king

Couldn’t put it down5 star

The story was captivating and I enjoyed the book immensely. For me, it’s all about the writer’s style… the flow. I was reading for hours and put it down for a few minutes to give my eyes a rest but it kept calling to me - how would I sleep tonight not knowing the fate of Alice or Dara’s “figure it out as I go” plan. Thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book.55

useless no mo

Interesting!4 star

A mixture of authors in the same person! Teenager, adult, philosopher, witch. Funny, mysterious, deep,thoughtful in so many directions. Fun to read!45


It’s like a A great prequel …5 star

It’s a great read with a mix of fantasy, drama,adventure, witchcraft in a way and getting to know the great before they become legendary, or at least that what it seems like to me. Be prepared to want to get the books after this because it leaves a lot of questions that need to be answered. Spoils alert, will she find out what actually happened to her mom, will her relationship with her witch kin continue to improve….for the good and which road will she take. Will she stay the good witch or will she unlock the evil in her and turn bad. She’s a half blood with so many roads to take.55


An ignorant witch4 star

Gobbled it up in one sitting. Great fun!45


A great read!!5 star

Pleasantly surprised by this gem of a book that was free. It draws you in and leaves u asking for more. Definitely recommend giving it a chance. Looking forward to reading the next one in the series.55

i luv reading

An Ignorant Witch5 star

Powerful plot line , good wins over evil and finally a book is honest about family dynamics. Entrancing read.55

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