An Unexpected Home

An Unexpected Home Summary

Welcome to Cedarville! A small town where you'll fall in love when you least expect it.

After a traumatic few years, Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville, Ohio. Ready to finally find herself – possibly for the first time – she joins her friends and together they open a new business in town. She never expected to love Cedarville so much nor did she expect her heart to fall for the HOT AS SIN police chief, Brandon. But when someone from her past starts causing problems for her in her new home, she has no choice but to put her trust, and her heart, in Brandon's hands to keep her and her friends safe.

Book Reviews


GREAT book5 star

Such an amazing story. Very quick read. This is a true romance novel. Must read!!55


Poorly written1 star

Written at a very low simplistic level. Don’t bother.15


An unexpected home5 star

A wonderful story. TY55


Great Book, MUST READ5 star

I have read two out of three of these books. That is saying something as I’ve purchased this one and I am on my way to purchase the next one with the last $4 in my account. I usually don’t purchase books unless I feel like I just have to. The author leaves you wanting more when she provides snippets of the next book. Trust me, just buy all three books from the beginning because you won’t want to stop until you’ve read everyone’s story. YouTube: BriaGabe Vlogs Tiktok:BriaGabe IG:bria.gabe55

Cris Ipod

Clearly improved4 star

A lot of the older reviews on this book complained about the need for editing. Based on what I read (and the note in the description), the author took that advice to heart and the quality is much improved. Is it perfect? No, but I can read around a few awkward sentences. Brandon and Leah’s story has some uncertainty, intrigue, and suspense, but mostly this is a smooth path to love with a minor side of “uh-oh there’s a bad guy after me!” No lies, no cheating, barely any disagreements, HEA. Clear consent is given before and during sexual activity. It was refreshing to see a law officer character who is concerned and protective, but not overly controlling or paternal. Overall a good read. The only cliffhanger at the end of this book is that Leah’s friends and Brandon’s friends have their own romances set up for the rest of the series.45


An unexpected home4 star

Good read, too many typos45


Nice story, horrible editing3 star

First off, the story is fun, romantic brain candy. The plot line is predictable and there aren't any surprises but it's enjoyable. The downside is that I would expect a published work to have been edited for grammatical errors. This apparently is not the case as there are many included in this text.35


Not worth a read2 star

While the author has a good idea for a novel, her writing style is very choppy. There were several grammatical errors and too many comma errors to count just within the first few pages. I quit reading. Please find a good editor!25


Nobody ran spellcheck before publishing3 star

There are random numbers scattered throughout the book, missing commas, and a character's name is misspelled. While the plot was interesting, the errors caused so much distraction that I did not finish reading it.35


Eh.2 star

Not sure how I feel about this book. I felt things were pretty flat between Leah and Brandon. I couldn’t really feel the feelings from Leah’s side and there wasn’t much of heartfelt romance between them. The one time they go on a date, they ended up leaving early to go have sex. Pretty late to stop reading considering I had about 100 or so pages left but I lost interest.25

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