Avoiding Commitment

Avoiding Commitment Summary

A sexy angsty second chance romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde…

Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship.

After two years without speaking, Lexi receives a phone call that changes everything. Jack wants her to convince his new girlfriend that he's ready to commit.

He's calling now, after everything they had been through, because there's another woman. She can't believe it.

And yet she goes.

For closure.

Not to try to win him back. Definitely not.

Book Reviews

Women are better than this

This book is irritating, Repetitive and sexist1 star

The book is overly long because the writer unnecessarily and continuously repeats a detailed description of the two main characters relationships in almost every chapter as if the reader has just started riding the book from that chapter instead of reading it from the beginning and it gets annoying and uselessly repetitive. The main female character Lexi, Lex, Alexa is annoying and I wonder if a man edited this book and made author make her an oversexed, indecisive, weak willed, sex driven, whiny, overly emotional, unable to communicate, over reactive, easily influenced, drama queen. Letting her everyone else even her best friend tell her on my mind and will instead of making it for her own. I understand passion and getting “carried away or caught up”. I agree that women can and do like and want sex just as much as men. But for Lexi, Lex, Alexa to constantly lose all sense of self and focus, just because she looked into Jack or Ramsey or Clark’s eyes and allow herself to be kissed and manipulated and have sex or almost have sex with them multiple just because, the heat off of a man’s body or his touching her cheek, or looking in her eyes, so cliché and chauvinistic and just for wrong.15


No!1 star

Ending was horrible!15


Soul-wrenching2 star

That was horrible. Soul-wrenching and horrible. I'm not even sure I can relate it to that train wreck you can't help but watch. This book tore my soul apart and threw my heart in a whirlpool to have it drown. I was unable to stop reading, which is why I give it two stars, but the pain and the knowledge of being torn apart and thrust into a tornado leaves me to never ever want to read that book again, let alone read the sequel. Again, it's kind of like being thrust down the rabbit-hole but so much worse and more horrifying that I can't even describe it like that. I wish whoever reads this the best of luck in doing so. And for whoever reads this and happens to find themselves in a somewhat similar predicament, I hope and pray to God that this book doesn't drive you into the psych ward. It sure as hell took its toll on me.25

going for the MAT

Ick1 star

Icky people. You start swiping through more and more rapidly to just finish already, because there's no-one you can like here. Waaaay to long. Could have been poignant, heart wrenching even. But it's drawn out as if the author was paid by the word and planned on it being the first book in an annoying series of craptacular chick lit. So much repetition you wonder why it's so important to emphasize the character's tiny body and tiny waist dozens of times? That makes this one stand out as, well, weird. Otherwise it's a carbon copy of every other bad, free ebook I've been foolish enough to waste my time with.15


Don't waste your time1 star

The two main characters are so unlikeable it is beyond irritating. The female protagonist Lexi is a whiny, spineless moron (who is supposedly brilliant...yeah, not!) and the male protagonist Jack is a complete douche canoe. The book is way too long and the ending is ridiculous and unbelievable. I can't believe there are more books...why would anyone waste their time let alone their money. I wouldn't read the, even if they were free. Save you time and money and pick something else.15


Waste of time2 star

I was really looking forward to reading this and liking it but all the back and forth, head games, they're in love, they're broken up, etc. All I got was whiplash and super frustrated with all the crying. Lexi cries every other page. Not realistic and very repetitive.25


Awful1 star

800+ pages (at least on my bigger text version) of nonsense. I only read 250 pages and then I just could not force myself to go on further. This book reads as if multiple authors worked on the various chapters without consulting each other & then someone slapped it all together and called it a novel. Truly horrendous. I can't believe there are 4 other books in this series.15


Avoiding Commitment3 star

Started off good, but became tedious. Could have been half as long and still been a good story. Couldn't wait for it to end. Almost quit reading because Lexi was a stupid person.35


Ehh2 star

All I can say is ehh. It's a decent story. I hated that it kept flipping back and forth between past and present. I also felt that it was too drug out. It could've ended a lot sooner than it did. I also hated the ending for more than one reason. For a free book, it's okay but if you paid for it, it was a waste.25


Thumbs down!!1 star

Confusing, NOT a romance, terrible ending and big waste of time.15

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