Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside Summary

A grumpy lumberjack

Former Army Ranger Harrison Wilkes isn’t actually a lumberjack, but he's doing his best impression while hiding out in the mountains of East Tennessee. He needs to rest, recharge, and stay the hell away from people, while he wrestles with ghosts from his past and figures out his future. Neither includes a snowbound rescue of his favorite author. 

A runaway writer

Ivy Blake is on a deadline. Her hero is MIA, and she's desperate to find some peace, quiet, and inspiration to get her book—and her life—back on track. She doesn’t plan on driving off a mountain. Or the mysterious stranger who shows up to save her. 

Who’s rescuing who?

When Winter Stormageddon traps them together, Ivy finds the inspiration she didn’t know she needed in her real-life hero. As more than the fireplace heats up his one-man cabin, they both find far more than they bargained for. This intuitive author just might have the answers Harrison's looking for, but will their newfound connection survive past the storm? 

Book Reviews


it was okay?4 star

thank god it wasn’t a christmas story haha, i don’t regret reading it but not the best book i’ve read?45


First book since high school5 star

After leaving a 7 year relationship with someone, I felt an urge to feel some kind of passion or some kind of feelings I would normally get from people but turned away for a more self healing adventure. Anyways, the words used in this book made my world of thinking fire up and visualize the relationship between Harrison and Ivy. Being a guy, I’m not much of a sucker for romance but this first book I’ve read since high school definitely helps me understand how much intimacy and romance can be used to narrate an image into a readers mind. I’m going to keep reading the series now since this book has got me hooked. Thank you!55


Great read4 star

Drive out of town to get away and run off a ditch to be rescued by a “lumberjack”. Love the characters, both strong, very observant and wise. loved the internal battle they had with themselves as they sized each other up. They learned how to feel and found “home” with themselves and each other. HEA and a very good read!45


Baby It’s Cold Outside5 star

One of the best books I’ve read in a while.55


Cold outside, but not inside!5 star

What a great addition and follow up to “Snowed in With the Ranger”! Honestly, I was one of those people who secretly wanted a longer story, so I was grateful when the masses requested it. I loved the build-up between Ivy and Harrison and loved the behind the scenes on his end to make the story even broader. The chemistry remains, but the story evolves into a full length romance. I would recommend this read on a snowy day… or a day you wish it was cold outside! Disclosure: I have received a copy of this book from the author and have chosen to review it with my honest opinion.55


But the book is sooo hot!5 star

Kait Nolan does it again! I think the Stormageddon really added verisimilitude to their first meeting and it ramped up from there. This story has a little tie-in to the characters of the Misfit Inn series that just makes the world feel more complete. This story just illustrates how you can make plans but things don’t always work out the way you plan. But sometimes they still work out.55


Couldn't put it down5 star

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one reading. I love the easy flow of reading these books offer. So ready for the next one!55

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