Deceived Summary

He’ll chain me to the bed and ride me until I’m carrying his baby.

Ten years ago, he ripped my family apart. 
I never forgave him, but I also never forgot him.
I never thought I’d ever see him again.
And I definitely never thought I’d be pregnant with his baby.

I swore I’d forget this place and never come back.
But most importantly, I swore I’d forget all about him.

Brendan Morrison.
My brother’s best friend who got him killed. 
My reason for cutting all ties with this place.
The unbidden subject in my darkest and most forbidden dreams.

The years have changed him. 
He’s rougher than I remember—more dangerous, and sexier than sin.

I know that I can only get hurt again if I let him too close.
But I can’t help myself when I’m pressed against his hard body.
When his whispers hang hot against my ear.
Reminding me of a truth that ten years can’t hide:

This time, he won’t let me go.

Ten years ago, I destroyed Laura’s family.
For ten years, I carried the guilt with me.
All I wanted was a chance to make things right with her.
When I heard that she was back, I knew this could be my last chance.

I expected her to be cold, or angry.
What I didn’t expect was a spitfire not afraid of giving me a piece of her mind.
Ten years have changed her in more ways than I could ever imagine. 
One thing’s for sure: she’s not just my best friend’s little sister anymore.

I can’t help thinking about her curves. I can’t help imagining her moaning beneath me. 
I’m supposed to keep my hands off her—I’m supposed to keep her safe.
Instead, I’m going to chain her to my bed, and ride her until she’s carrying my kid. 

DECEIVED is a steamy standalone second chance secret baby romance between an outlaw biker and his best friend’s little sister. Warning: contains violence, language, dark themes, and STEAMY intimate moments.

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