Dirty Summary

I was supposed to save his daughter, not keep her for myself.
When you kill for money, you know that your story probably doesn’t have a happy ending. But when I met Stella, I knew I might have a shot.   

She’s everything I’m not… pure, innocent, and without a glimpse of how evil the world can be.
Her ex wanted her dead, her father wanted her safe.

I want her legs wrapped around me while she screams my name.
I want to save her so I can keep her for myself.

But all I did was put her in more danger.

Now I’m doing everything to keep her alive.
And when the dust settles, I’m going to make her mine…or die trying. 

This is the first book in the Dirty Series by Paula Cox.

Book Reviews


Dirty5 star

By Paula Cox Very good start to a very different kind of romance! Wild heart romance55


KaCee5 star

Wow. What a beginning55


Pretty Good3 star

It’s a good story line, something different than a lot of the books out there seem to offer. There are some grammatical errors though so I would suggest editing/proofreading. I am interested in how it turns out though, I definitely wasn’t expecting the twist at the end!35


Dirty3 star

The premise was a little wonky but the author tries to make the hitman more likeable by revealing the human side of him when he falls for the ex wife of the man he was hired to kill. There is no development of these feelings so it feels a little disjointed and the female just falls into his arms without any care. There is evidence of drama but no real details and then ends abruptly without further development. I wish the story would have been more developed the abrupt ending.35


Dirty by Paula Cox3 star

Overall, a good story. I’m excited to finish the series.35


Good Overall4 star

Very quick read, should have been combined with book two rather than splitting it into three books! I like Stella’s story and how she got wrapped up in a mess. The intensity the couple shares is tense. Disappointed in the major cliffhanger.45


Dirty1 star

It was not the complete book. Very disappointed that they try to add expenses to the book15


Dirty5 star

Omg. Couldn’t put it down.55

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