Expecting Love

Expecting Love Summary

You are the best thing I never planned.

Brigid O'Neil, Irish immigrant and interior designer, never does anything that might count as wild or against the rules.

Until she meets Levi Carson in a bar on holiday in Miami, and is too drunk to remember her rules about following rules.

Fast forward eight months… she never got his number or last name, but she did get something.

Levi Carson didn't expect to come home from the Marines and meet a girl he liked on his first night back in the States. He'd just finished military service and his head wasn't all in the right place.

A little over half a year later, he's transitioned from Marine medic to labor and delivery nurse. When he discovers that his next patient is the girl he slept with in Miami, and her baby looks exactly like him, he bites the bullet and starts playing father to the little one. Even though Brigid won't tell him the truth.

But neither one of them can keep ignoring the truth forever. And when Levi finally decides he's had enough and walks away, Brigid has to ask herself one question: Is her pride worth losing the man she's started to fall in love with?

A Bump in the Road Series

Book 1 – Expecting Love

Book 2 – Selfless Act

Book 3 – Doctor's Orders

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, brings you an unexpected baby romance that has the perfect mix of steam, romantic comedy, love and real life mistakes that make us feel real.

Book Reviews


Expecting Love4 star

Really liked the story and the characters. However, I did forget that this author really doesn’t complete a book in one and I really don’t like that.45


Interesting read.5 star

The story was interesting and funny. A one night stand gone from intense to pregnancy. No contact information for follow up and a lot of confusion when the baby arrives.55

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