Faking It

Faking It Summary

USA Today Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, bring you sexy, sweet romance that'll have you routing for the underdog the whole way!

He groaned. This was torture. Being trapped in a room with a beautiful woman was just about every man's fantasy, but he had to remember that this was just pretend.

Allyson Smith has crushed on her boss for years, but never dared to make a move. When she finds herself without a date to her brother's upcoming wedding,

Allyson tells her family one innocent white lie: that she's been dating her boss. Unfortunately, her boss discovers her lie, and insists on posing as her boyfriend to escort her to the wedding.

Playboy billionaire Dane Prescott always has a new heiress on his arm, but he can't get his assistant Allyson out of his head. He's fought his attraction to her, until he gets caught up in her scheme of a fake relationship.

One passionate weekend with the boss has Allyson Smith questioning everything she believes in. Falling for a wealthy playboy like Dane is against the rules, but if she's just faking it what's the harm?

Fake Billionaire Series:

Faking It

Temporary CEO

Caught in the Act

Never Tell A Lie

Fake Christmas

Book Reviews


Faking it2 star

Book was good, like the characters and I wanted to know what happened but repeated the same feelings over and over and then the book didn’t finish. We have to buy another book to get to the ending. Don’t start it unless you want to buy more books.25


4 stars4 star

I like the way this author writes. She paints a detailed portrait of the characters’ inner and outer landscapes.45


Faking it5 star

Different story line with interesting plot.55


Faking It5 star

So disappointed just get into the book and now I have to read another book to find out the ending. Loved it up too that point. Are all your books going to be this way what if readers can’t find the next book? Just have to not read any more of your books I guess!55


😠1 star

This author doesn’t end her stories! It’s like watching a soap opera on a Friday afternoon. Leaves you on a cliffhanger and then it’s over. Shows over. No more episodes. Really disappointing when there is no conclusion!15


Left wanting more...2 star

A good love story full of twist and turns that keep you guessing till the end. Unfortunately the ending seems to come a really unexpected end. The book could easily have been several chapters longer...25


Fake Billionaire series2 star

So many typos and grammatical errors. It doesn’t seem as if this was even sent to an editor. Very disappointing.25


Don’t bother1 star

Story is trite, characters poorly developed and contradictory throughout. Could have ended 4 times within the story but author painfully draws it out and then ends abruptly in the middle of another trite plot twist. Sentence structure is sound but otherwise unimpressive.15


Just ok2 star

Took me a long time to finish because the storyline didn’t capture me.25


Boring1 star

The style of writing was very repetitive and the whole time the book focus is on her job. He's a billionaire and he's worried about her job!! Just make a new business for her is it's money that she's worried about?15

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