Falling For Jack

Falling For Jack Summary


When your heart has been broken, the last thing you should do is fall into another man's arms, let alone his bed.

Yet that's exactly what I did.

And then I ran like a thief in the night. If I never see Jack again, it will be too soon.

But I guess fate has a sense of humor because the sexy chef who saw me at my worst is my new client.


The beautiful creature stumbled into my life and fled just as quickly. Her disappearance left me confused and frustrated. But when she appears, flustered and gorgeous in my morning meeting, I can't resist the chance to see if I can rekindle the spark we had.

Another relationship is the last thing I need, but I can't resist the flame Harper ignites inside me.

No one said love was easy, but why does it have to be so damn hard?

Book Reviews


It was a great book but…1 star

I don’t like how you have to pay for the second book15


Falling for Jack5 star

I absolutely loved this book. I laughed so hard at all the commentary from Harper’s sister Charlie. And Jack is simply unbelievable........every woman’s dream. I can’t wait to start the next book to see how this all irons out.55

jericho's girl

Hmmm3 star

Hiding a kid is pretty big deal, Jack! Not the way to earn a woman’s trust. Let’s go, Harper! Make him grovel. His good food and his good looks do not compensate for his bad action. (I’m sure Jack will convince Harper to forgive him in the next book. 🤨 But I’m not reading it. As far as I’m concerned, lying/cheating is a deal-breaker.)35

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