Flirting Touch

Flirting Touch Summary

Don't get drunk at a party after just being dumped by your long distance boyfriend.

Don't go hitting on the hottest guy at the party.

Even if he looks 10 years younger than you.

Even if his name's Hunter.

DON'T sleep with him when he returns your flirting.

Hunter is not the relationship kind of guy. You can tell just by looking at him. Too hot, too delicious, sexy as hell and bad boy written all over his handsome face and muscular tattooed body. He's reckless, dangerous and trouble with a capital T.

He's also at least 10 years younger than me.

And I don't even remember his last name.

Flash forward to Monday morning work—where I'm still nursing the hangover from Saturday and my body is still feeling the effects of the best one night stand I've ever had—and my boss calls me into his office.

Apparently his son has just returned from university and is going to be stepping into the company. My boss wants me to personally train him. Make him the best of the best.

It's Hunter.

And I'm so screwed—literally.

Dirty Little Taboo Series

Flirting Touch – Book 1

Denying Pleasure – Book 2

Forbidding Desire – Book 3

Craving Passion - Book 4

Author note: This is a four part series that ends on an HEA in book 4

Book Reviews

traveling elf

Flirting touch1 star

Not a very good book. Ended on a cliff hanger. It seemed a bit childish. Not a fan15


No need to read, too much info in description.1 star

I was really looking forward to another good one from Lexy Timms. I did not even download this one. The entire story was given away in the description. No need to read it.15

DG Whit

Flirting Touch2 star

I wish I could get back the time I wasted reading this book. I forced myself to finish it thinking it would get better. It didn’t. Not going to waste my time or money on the other ones. It wasn’t just the lack of proofreading it was the whole enchilada. No, just no. Sorry.25


Different...1 star

I read a lot on IBooks and I have read many from this author. Her books don’t typically have so many typos or misspellings. When reading, it felt like someone was talking into a recorder that was confusing words. This book definitely needs some editing before people read it.15


This is disrespectful to your readers1 star

I don’t know how someone can continue to publish books that have errors in them. Her books always have a few grammatical mistakes but this took the cake. The lack of respect for readers is ridiculous. Please don’t waste our time again.15


Flirting Touch2 star

I see why this book was free. Did anyone edit it before it was made available?! There were sentences that made no sense at all because the wrong word was used. Character names in the wrong sentence (should have been ‘Hunter’ instead his dads name was used). A bunch of times the word ‘she’ was used when it should have been ’he’. Definitely won’t be purchasing any from this series.25


Ok story, engaging charactors, but3 star

I really wanted to love this book, but lack of proofreading made it painful. Most pages had at least one grammatical error. One of tge main charactor's name was misspelled. If you want peopke to pay for your work, make sure you compkete it. An error or two is okay, but this is not. or some other proof reading program could help.35


Impossible to finish1 star

I did not even finish the story for the lack of editing. The spelling and grammatical mistakes cheapened the book and it felt super amateur even though some of the author’s other novels are written very well.15


Flirting Touch1 star

This book had so many errors that it became too difficult to read. Whether it be spelling errors or completely the wrong words typed out. I have never not finished a story because of the errors. This was a first.15


Not one her best2 star

I enjoy reading Lexi Times books but this was not one of the better ones. Uneven story, and I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but it seems like it wasn’t edited before it was released. There were many sentences that made no sense.25

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