Free Me

Free Me Summary

It started with a parking ticket . . .
Who knew helping her out of that one little slip of paper would turn my world upside down?
I don’t do commitment.
Yet I can’t seem to stay away from her.
And that’s a problem.
Because when there's feelings involved, somebody always gets hurt.
She’s hiding something. I know it.
But when the truth comes out, will it set us free?
Or will it send everything up in flames?

The Free Series is a spinoff from the Paths To Love Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Grahame Claire. Read the complete series now! Free Me Trust Me Defend Me

Book Reviews


Free me4 star

Enjoyed the involvement of this book. And the real life in the book45

mia's allie

Free Me2 star

I was definitely not prepared for the last several chapters of this book. To say this was a great book would mislead other potential readers. Very convoluted.25


Wow!5 star

Found myself a new author and new series to read! The supporting characters are witty and keep you laughing. Story was heart warming, funny, loyalty driven and love bound. Love for self and showing how the love of others, makes you stronger. The topic was serious but author weaves it very well! Can’t wait to read the rest. My book budget for the month just went out the door🤫!55

Clydes N Mustangs

Beautiful story!5 star

Beautiful, second chance story that packs an emotional punch. Well developed characters make this a great read! Loved it and can’t wait to see what is next in the series.55


Paths of perfection5 star

So this is a spinoff of the Paths to Love series and wow, this did not disappoint. Grahame Claire brought back our favorite characters (ahem, Stone) for a new series revolving around the Paths of Purpose shelter. Trish has a horrific past and a baby, and thanks to the shelters mentor program, she has a food truck and there she meets Andrew, where he helps her out of a jam. I love Trish’s courage and Andrews tenacity and devotion. Plus his family is awesome! Her friend Baker is also awesome, I hope we get her story soon. There’s suspense, romance and some sexy scenes. I loved every second of this book. Quick, get me the next one! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.55

Helene Taibleson

Second Chance5 star

Grahame Claire’s new series is a spin-off of her Paths to Love series. We also see some of our favorite characters. This was where we first me Trish, when she was living at the shelter I remember that in the previous series that Trish was a fighter, however, she does have insecurities about men because of something from her past. However, that does not stop her from chasing her dreams, from the shelter, Paths of purpose to her own food truck. Then a man comes long who peaks her interest. Can she let go of the past in or to have a future. With the help of her friends, she faces the future head on. But will it be enough for her new man.55

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