Her Guardian

Her Guardian Summary

He pays her past-due rent the day they meet.
Now he wants more.
He wants to know her… touch her… protect her.
But who will protect her from him?

When I see the yellow eviction notice taped to my front door, I know it’s going to be an interesting day. 

But when I march into the property manager’s office, I don’t expect to have my rent paid by a mysterious man with gorgeous green eyes and a suit that hugs all the right body parts.

Daniel Meyers isn’t concerned about being repaid for his good deed. All he wants is me, and every time he flashes me that dimpled smile I find it harder to resist.

But who is Daniel? Is he really just a man who happened to be in the right place at the right time? 

And why is he so intent on protecting me?


If Kristin knew my real identity, and why I orchestrated our meeting, she’d never speak to me again. And I can’t bear the thought of that.

I was supposed to get in and get what I wanted, but her understated beauty and giving nature changed the game.

All I want is to be near her, to see her, touch her, know her, protect her. 

But who will protect her from me?

Book Reviews


Love5 star

I loved this story of Daniel and Kristin. It’s funny, frightening and loving all in one. It was so good I couldn’t put it down I had to keep reading till I finished to see how it ended. LOVED. IT !!!55

Fp Wen

Her Guardian5 star

Beautiful love story!❤️. Couldn’t put it down! Great description of the leading characters! Just loved the book!❤️❤️❤️❤️55

Ma 317

Intriguing5 star

Each page enhances the characters personalities. The twist and turns keep you on the edge of your sits.55

B at Prisoners of Print

Suspenseful and Sweet!4 star

4.5 Stars - Cassia Leo serves up a sweet, sexy, and suspenseful read with The Heiress, Kristin and Daniel’s unconventional love story. From the very first page, I was intrigued. There was something inexplicable between Kristin and Daniel that drew me to them and kept me invested in their developing relationship despite how different they seemed. As their journey progressed, the chemistry between the hero and heroine became more obvious and their connection deepened. Kristin and Daniel challenged one another, pushing each other away for the sake of their personal baggage, only to be drawn back in by that intangible pull. The secondary characters added plenty of heart and tons of intrigue, ensuring that I had no choice but to hang on for whatever wild ride Cassia Leo had in store. Kristin is the kind of heroine I always love getting to know. Hardworking and loyal to those she loves, she’s beautifully flawed and perfectly real. There was something so genuine about this character’s voice that drew me to her heartache. I couldn’t help but feel for her and all she’d already endured. Determined to find her way in the world and make up for the mistakes of her past, Kristin was resilient and vulnerable in a way that made her entirely relatable. Daniel, on the other hand, raised plenty of questions. Everything about this character was carefully crafted and I enjoyed how this hero’s personal history unfolded as the novel progressed. While maintaining a bit of mystery concerning Daniel was necessary to the storyline, I would have liked to unravel him a bit more near the end of the book for the sake of really connecting with him. One thing I can always count on with this author is her unique and enthralling storylines. The Heiress was no exception and I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly mysterious and certainly surprising journey Cassia Leo had in store for her readers with this book. I loved trying to piece together all the hints and character inconsistencies throughout the novel to try to come up with the truth behind the romance. Cassia Leo’s writing evoked plenty of emotion, tugging on my heartstrings as the past came to light and Kristin and Daniel’s world began to unravel. Although sprinkled with some undeniably suspenseful moments, The Heiress maintained a heartfelt and oftentimes downright swoon-worthy overall tone that made this novel a quick and entertaining read. A poignant and powerful story of loss, love, and forgiveness, Cassia Leo has another memorable romance on her hands with The Heiress!45


Surprising and sexy4 star

Kristin is smart, creative, and a loyal daughter. She would love to pursue her art, but instead she has a dead end job so she can support her mom. It seems as if karma is playing yet another joke on her when a sexy stranger steps in. Daniel is rich and seemingly out of her league, but he's also around whenever she runs into problems. Kristin is not some damsel in distress, as she is strong and independent. She's swept away by him, his protectiveness, and a surprising chemistry. Both are loyal to their families and have secrets that could end a quickly deepening relationship before it really begins. The Heiress is sexy and surprising as secrets are revealed. Told in both POVs, Cassia Leo shifts between the past and present with unique and flawed characters. I voluntarily read an advanced copy.45


Mystery and Romance, yes please!4 star

I was so excited to get a Cassia Leo book in my hand! She has been one of my go to authors for a long time. Her writing style and the way she tells a story always pulls me in. The Heiress was no different and was full of surprises I didn’t see coming. Kristin and Daniel are strangers who live very different lives. Kristin is a hard worker who is taking care of her mom and keeping them fed and sheltered. When she is in a difficult situation and has to prove herself she meets Daniel and helps her. She is not one to take help from others. Daniel makes her feel comfortable and safe so she finally agrees to a date with him. I couldn’t help but love Daniel. He introduces himself to Kristin as a successful businessman. He didn’t expect to fall for her and when he did he had a secret he needed to tell her. Telling her could ruin everything for them. They both have secrets they are keeping. This story is about regret, forgiveness and following your heart. If you’re looking for something with mystery and romance this is the book for you.45


Perfect5 star

Wow is all I can say! I laughed, I wanted to cry and I was left with just wow by the end of the book. If you like a back and forth, what's going of book then read this book.55

Pepper's mommy

Great characters, romance and suspense4 star

I really liked both Kristin and Daniel. I think they were both relatable and sympathetic characters. I liked Daniel almost immediately even while wondering what he may be hiding. Kristin is struggling in her life but she keeps on going and doing her best. Both have secrets that slowly get revealed so the suspense build up was good. The romance is both sweet and enjoyable to see their connection grow as they get to know and appreciate each other. I felt they really liked each other for real reasons not just instalove. I really like knowing why the characters have feelings for each other. I've read other books by this author and this was a bit different which shows her range. I've enjoyed everything I've read by her. I highly recommend this book. It's got romance,suspense and secrets. I received an ARC from the author for my honest review45


4 HEA Romance Stars4 star

I am so excited to have a new Cassia Leo book, she writes romance like no one else and The Heiress is no different. The Heiress introduces us to Kristin and Daniel, two strangers from opposite sides of the track who have a chance meeting. Kristin works hard to take care of her mom, she'll do anything to keep a roof over there head and food on the table so when Daniel stands up for her and helps her make that happen she agrees to a date. She notices he's a little moody and seems to be hiding a Bronx upbringing under his wealth, but she feels comfortable and finds herself trusting him. Daniel falls for Kristin under the guise that he's a wealthy businessman, but the truth is far worse. He started everything with his family in mind, but as he gets to know her he knows he has to do what is right. The stakes are high and he's putting it all on the line, but protecting her is worth it. "If I was in over my head, I didn't care. He was worth it." The Heiress is told from the alternating perspectives of Kristin and Daniel, each giving a glimpse into their relationship and how it blossomed so quickly. We get to see Kristin's past, starting with her move to the Bronx at the young age of eleven until present day at twenty-two. We get to know her family and friends, but there's secrets in her past even she tries to ignore. Kristin is a firecracker of a character, she has some fantastic one-liners, but she's also an excellent damsel in distress. Daniel, from the start, was obviously keeping something from Kristin. He really is perfect on paper, but like Kristin the reader too catches onto his shifting moods and the reader also sees just how coincidental their meetings are. It's hard to deny them once they're together though, they're sweet, they're romantic, they have a pile of sexual chemistry between them, and they seem to bring out the best in each other. Getting to see into both of their perspectives as they recognize what they feel for one another was so interesting. Then there's the twists, and oh are they good. I wondered for a while where the title of the novel came into play and it's perfect. Cassia Leo manages to write a fairytale romance story that doesn't feel over the top, is cushioned by quite a bit of suspense, and has an incredible message about forgiveness. "I didn't know how long this thing with Daniel would last. The beautiful things in my life were never permanent." I think I liked this story so much that I just wanted more. There's some great secondary characters that I wish had more page time, I felt like they brought so much more to who Kristin was and who Daniel was. I also, selfishly, want more after everything plays out. Like always, I wanted more than the epilogue, though it was fantastic too. "If Daniel and i were on a collision course, from this moment forward, I was going to close my eyes and remain blissfuly ignorant until the moment of impact." The Heiress is a fantastic new release from Cassia Leo and a much needed fresh story in the romance genre. It's a unique, fun story that was fun to read and absolutely the HEA romance story I dreamed of. Romance readers are going to love Kristin and Daniel's chemistry.45


Fantastic!!5 star

In true Cassia Leo style , the Heiress has left me with a book hangover wanting more of Kristin and Daniel. From page 1 I was pulled into the story and couldn’t put this book down. Kristin harbors so much pain and guilt from her past that she hasn’t let herself “live”. She works just to make it and take care of her disabled mother. She can’t seem to catch a break until she meets the oh so sexy, rich and cocky but kind man at her landlord’s office. He jumped in to help her without even knowing her. Daniel make some stuff for part of her life and she finally begins to open up about her past and allowing herself to love. Daniel wasn’t supposed to fall in love. He too has secrets that could tear their relationship apart. Everything he does is for his family even though it could hurt him in the end. He is fiercely loyal, loving and protective of those he loves. The best part about this book is watching the story unfold with its many shocking twists and turns. It was all so real and emotional. Their pain and their joy became mine. You won’t believe how everything turns out. This is a five-star must read!55

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