His Best Friend's Baby

His Best Friend's Baby Summary

She needs a little favour…

Polly Martin has given up on love, but not on becoming a mother. She returns briefly to her hometown of Wirralong to proposition her childhood best friend, Seth Ramsay, confident he’ll agree to be her IVF donor.

Seth walks out of their reunion dinner date after Polly’s clinical and unemotional proposal. How could she think he was the type of man who wouldn’t take an ongoing interest in his child? A year later, still haunted by Polly’s question, he seeks her out in Melbourne and finds her heavily pregnant, unemployed, and barely making ends meet. Seth invites Polly back to Wirralong for a weekend only to end up delivering her baby girl early and finding himself more charmed than he could have imagined.

As Polly and her newborn recover at Seth’s house, their friendship is back on, but Seth wants more. He feels like he’s finally within reach of his dream when the town gossips send Polly fleeing home. And now Polly must ask herself searching questions, including where her new future lies.

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His Best Friend’s Baby5 star

Very good story , if I see any more free books by the author I’ll try another one.55


His best friends baby5 star

A good read for happiness55


His best friends baby5 star

Awesome story!!!! Absolutely loved it.55


His Best Friend’s Baby4 star

Very enjoyable even if it did drag on a bit. Loved the characters and the storyline.45

987 ABC

Love Down Under4 star

Interesting take on Aussie culture and customs about love. Occupations can be very diverse.45


His best friend’s baby2 star

Very slow moving story and no plot. If you have nothing else to read then I guess this is it.25

Book Worm Plus

His Best Friend’s Baby3 star

Sweet little love story.35

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