Jasper Summary

It’s my job to protect her. But I can’t rest until I’ve taken her unprotected.
She was everything I despised in this world.
Rich. Spoiled. Her mobster daddy’s precious little prize.

The last thing I wanted was to be assigned to guard her 24/7.

But once I had got a taste of Maria, she became an addiction that I couldn’t quit.
I took her, claimed her, and made her beg me for more.
And along the way, she broke through the walls I’d set around myself a long time ago.   

There’s no telling what will happen next.
What the mafia princess has unleashed inside me.

But then, a rival don tries to take her from me.
Now, all bets are off.   

I’ve marked Maria is mine.
And every man responsible for taking her from me is about to pay the price.

This is the first book in the Jasper Series by Kathryn Thomas.

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