Like a Boss

Like a Boss Summary

Twin brothers separated at birth...thirty-two years later they are trading places.      War veteran Dawson Trudeau never expected his estranged identical twin to walk into his bar in Alaska, let alone offer him twenty million dollars to pose as the CEO of King Enterprises while he secretly heads to rehab for thirty days. With dreams of starting a homeless shelter for veterans and locating his retired service dog from Afghanistan, Dawson can’t say no. His brother’s sexy assistant can’t say no either—to some overtime between the sheets.  
     Lacey Brooks isn’t attracted to her metro-sexual boss, but his rough and ready identical twin is just her type. When lust turns into love, she fears she is betraying the CEO. If she can navigate the family feud to ensure a spot-on impersonation by Dawson, she’ll finally be promoted to VP.  
     If they can pull off the masquerade, everyone wins. But once the thirty days is over will victory matter if they don’t have each other?

Book Reviews


Boots5 star

This was a great read. Loved every minute of Dawson & Lacey’s story. *****55


Pretty Good3 star

It was so good until the end! There wasn’t enough closure and it felt a bit rushed.35


Cute story but spelling issues galore3 star

The spelling and grammar issues drove me crazy!!! The story was cute though35


Enjoyable4 star

It is always fun to read books about brothers or sisters who change places. I liked this read and will buy the sequel. It kept my interest in the wee hours of the night.45


Like a Boss5 star

Loved the story. Could not stop reading. Had to finish. So good.55


I’ll say it... I was hooked!!5 star

I just love a good love story, can’t wait to read Aaron’s.55


Fun4 star

Identical twins, totally different, both share a troubled past. To save one twin the other must perform a great favor. Can he carry it out? Love threatens to sabotage it. A fun read.45


Good Read, Sloppy Editor4 star

Story was fast paced and interesting, enjoyed the energy between Dawson and Lacey. Didn’t like the typos in one chapter, must have been skipped in the review process.45

Crazy not lazy

Like a Boss4 star

Too cute! The ending was great, but I wish his father would get his stuff together. The book ended too soon and could have addressed the other characters in the book45


Decent read3 star

Didn’t like ending.35

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