Lost without You

Lost without You Summary

Will two lost souls find strength in each other?

Opening a law firm isn't at all what I thought it would be. The landlord is arrogant and irritating. Despite his sexy voice and smooth demeanor, I want to fight him at every turn. Everything with him is a battle--a battle I intend to win. After all, I'm an attorney who never backs down. But when he needs my help, I can't possibly refuse. Who could? Thrown into a role he knows nothing about can't be easy.

Beneath his gruff nature is a broken man who needs to be put back together. The last thing I will ever do is let someone destroy him more.

A cheating fiancée and a backstabbing best friend are not the worst of my problems. When my brother dies, I'm thrust into the life of a single parent. In over my head, I'm forced to seek help from the lawyer who fights me every chance she can. Avery Arrington is a smart-mouthed, feisty woman, who can win my case. Powerful, intelligent, and sexy, I want her in ways I've sworn off for good.

But right now, it's all about my nephew. He's my top priority--the only thing that matters. Now, I have to put all of my faith and hope in Avery to save me—save us. I rarely trust anyone. But the truth is, without Avery, I'd be lost.

Book Reviews

Clean romancer

Lost without you3 star

Way too much introspection and self doubt. Was so wordy that I skimmed just to find out what happened with the insurance and Declan’s mother. Was hard to read for that reason.35


Lost Without You - Sweet4 star

This was the first time reading this author. I found this to be a sweet story. Going from nothing to getting what you never knew you needed is the basis of the book where trust is built through patience and love.45


Lost without You5 star

Loved this sad but sweet love story! Thank goodness it has a very happy ending!55

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