Love's Funny That Way

Love's Funny That Way Summary

"Pamela Burford always delivers swoon-worthy romance filled with wry wit and enough sexual tension to keep you turning the pages. Just darn good fun!"

 — USA Today best-selling author Julie Ortolon

"Want to see true character growth, the healing power of love, what happens when you look below the surface? Want to read savvy dialog, good imagery, belly-laugh humor?... I feel very lucky that I've been introduced to Pamela Burford's books. Talented writing such as hers makes up for so many lackluster stories on the market."

— The Romance Reader

When four high school friends promise to find husbands for one another if any of them are still single at age thirty, they have no idea how complicated the pact will make their lives twelve years later! Book 1 of the Wedding Ring matchmaker series is Love's Funny That Way.

The Prospective Bride: Raven Muldoon, hypnotherapist by day and aspiring stand-up comic by night. She realizes her matchmaking friends have made a grave mistake—and that's no joke.

The Prospective Groom: Brent Radley, a blind date who appears to be perfect husband material… until Raven meets his sexy-as-sin younger brother, Hunter, owner of the local comedy club. Did her pals pick the wrong brother?

The Hitch: Hunter is no choirboy, but not even he would steal his brother's girlfriend, no matter how tempted he might be. But how committed is Raven to Brent, and he to her?

Book Reviews

sandy 400

Five Stars5 star

A really fun, entertaining book!55


Interesting, funny, and sexy5 star

Four friends and a pac they made right out of high school! Two sexy guys who are brothers. This story has ups and downs, frustration and cheating. It’s an interesting read.55


4 stars4 star



Loves Funny That Way4 star

Really enjoyed this book and all the characters portrayed. On to book two in the series.45


Amazing5 star

I reread this book multiple times because it is one of my favorites.55

Grow a backbone, lady

Meh2 star

Although decently well-written, I've gotta say I didn't much like the weak woman, douche man combo. Not sexy. This book made me angry on behalf of women everywhere.25


A funny and enjoyable read5 star

First in the series the Wedding Ring. I love the idea of friends wanting to make sure they all find their HEA. This is the story of Raven, the first to turn 30. She is set up with Brent but falls for his brother, Hunter. I laughed, grumbled, cringed, and smiled as Raven tried to figure out what she should do. I wanted to kick Hunter a couple of times to get him on the right path. I enjoyed this story a lot and look forward to reading the rest. I received a copy of this story, and this is my unsolicited review.55

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