Loyalty and Lies

Loyalty and Lies Summary

★★★★★ "Pure New Adult perfection with the right amount of FEELS, angst, and secrets that had us craving more!" The RockStars of Romance 

After suffering a huge loss, eighteen-year-old Savanah Parry hopes Chastity Falls Academy will be the fresh start she so desperately needs. 

But whispers of corruption and gangs, turf wars and murder, overshadow Ana's new life as a freshman. Especially when she catches the eye of the captain of The Fallen football team for all the wrong reasons. 

Determined to keep her head down and survive, Ana swears off guys. Until she meets the gorgeous, yet mysterious, Jackson. He sees past her walls, her pain and secrets, and slowly, Ana finds herself unable to fight their undeniable connection. 

But Jackson harbors a dark secret too... 

One that might destroy her.

*Loyalty and Lies is the first book in Ana and Jackson's trilogy. Due to mature content, this book is recommended for readers aged 17+

Book Reviews


Wow5 star

From the beginning you learn her personality and you probably see some similarities. She has trust issues, she keeps to herself, and she doesn’t want to open up to anyone. When she finally starts making friends it isn’t the ideal friendship and I love that she was still closed off in a way. Then here comes this guy who is making her want to be different but is also keeping himself closed off. Of course she overthinks everything because he won’t answer any of her questions. They both have their secrets but when all is revealed they are torn apart by the lies. Then add in some ‘friends’ who have already picked out your life for you and now here comes the fun part. Now there is a choice and now we must see who will come out on top. Fantastic book from start to finish and I am starting the sequel tomorrow.55


Loyalty and Lies5 star

Loved it when I read it 2 years ago and still loved it the second time around!55


Loyalty and Lies1 star

I will not ever buy or read another book by this author. This boils down to a “bait and Switch”. The entire book was a chapter and obviously the author wants to sell more books by not having a logical conclusion and denouement to the story line. This was a pathetic attempt.15


Unimpressed2 star

It's all just pretty bland. You never really connect with characters, you never understand the main characters (outside the first person perspective) their motivations, why they're attracted to each other. The parts of the romantic relationship you see from the first person perspective are borderline unhealthy and still lacking any real depth. All the mystery and intrigue that the story is trying to further is only developed through rumors, never through the characters or real observations. There are random bouts of violence that are never explained. Really, just lacking in everything I want in a story.25

Loyalty and Lies

Too slow of a pace2 star

It seemed like a good book, and if you're looking for a romance book, then you might like this! The author wrote the book well, but I felt like the mystery just kept dragging on without getting to the point. The author was constantly beating around the bush about what was going on with this football team without actually telling you what was going on. At first, it was interesting and really pulled you in, but after a while of hoping that she would finally reveal what was going on, I gave up and couldn't even finish the book. I love reading, and usually push through the book till the very end to see what happens but I couldn't even keep interested in this novel. It took over half the book for the author to reveal what had actually happened to Ana in her past, and I gave up on trying to wait and find out what's happening with Jackson's life. I wish the author had given little hints of information through the book to keep you hooked instead of keeping it all hidden.25

Cookie eater101

No1 star

This was like a bad soap opera!!! She was always cold towards her "friends", the whole school was obsessed with the football team captain FOR NO REASON (I swear it's not even explained), and the whole football team is "staring at her."15

Gracia Latina

I'm Inlove5 star

This is the best book I have ever read here. I am in love with all the characters, the suspense, the drama and the secrets. I laugh and cry while reading the book that is how good it is for me. I didn't even sleep last night just to finish the whole book. The cliffhanger at the end broke my heart because I wanted to read the next parts. I hope LA will be nice enough to send me a copy of the next books, I don't have any credits to buy books here so I am always stuck to free iBooks and stuck on the cliffhanger. I love it and I am really hooked55


Not impressed2 star

I really didn't enjoy this book, it dragged on and on maybe I'm too old at 40 lol but it was not that good. There's a cliff hanger at the end so you'll have to purchase the next book if you want to see how it ends but I didn't buy it. And yes I'm one of those that always buys the next book! This one just didn't draw me in enough to care.25


Love it!5 star

I really loved this book. I can't wait to read the other books!55


I love this book!!5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book! The book takes place at a college in Chastity Falls, Oregon. Ana is from Fort Pierce, Florida and she has come to Chastity Falls to have a "fresh start", but her clothes is not the only baggage she has brought with her. While out with her roommate at the first college party of the year, she meets a mysterious guy who helps her when she gets caught in a tough/scary situation. Little does she know that Chastity Falls is a city where family loyalties and lies run deep. I can't wait to see what else L.A Cotton has in store!55

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