Masquerade Summary

One night, that's all it was supposed to be, but fate decided otherwise.

New Year, new promotion, what more could Sophie Franklyn ask for? Her one night stand not turning up at work would be top of her list. Unfortunately, luck isn't on her side and in the middle of a medical emergency, Alex Scavoni shows up like an avenging angel. Life just got a little more interesting. Or was it more complicated?

Waking up to an empty bed after the best night of his life could've been a blow to Alex's ego. But it wasn't. He knew he'd see his masked woman again. Best of all, he had the element of surprise on his side.

Fate, however, has a plan for these two lovers. When they find out their night together has consequences neither of them expected, they must decide if it's going to remain as a one and done deal. Or will it become forever?

Book Reviews


Great book!5 star

Kept me reading.55

Book Worm Plus

Masquerade4 star

Quick easy read. Wonderful happy ever after story!45


Masquerade2 star

The characters had good chemistry together. The story line was good. I Liked how things worked out.25


Masquerade3 star

The storyline was enjoyable, and there were moments of brilliant descriptives and phrasing. However, there was not enough excellent writing to make up for the terrible proofreading and lack of editing. Readers should not pay for books they have to proofread for themselves.35


Not as bad as I was expecting1 star

Honestly, I love books too much to give anything a bad rating. This book was not the best book I’ve read, the writing style also clashed with the ones I’m so used to reading, but I still enjoyed and was entertained by the story. Good for a jump start into Flockton’s series.15


Sweet but poorly written3 star

This is a sweet story that you can easily Knock off on a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, the book is very poorly written. The writing style is lackluster, at best. I wonder if it was written by a 16 year old.35

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