*** Formerly published in 2016 under the title HEART LIKE MINE. This book has not been revised from the original. ***

USA TODAY® Bestselling author Maggie McGinnis welcomes us back to Echo Lake, Vermont for a sweet, sensual happily-ever-after full of small-town charm ... and a super-hot pediatrician.

After Delaney Blair dropped out of med school, she still wanted to find a way to make a difference for patients ... just without a stethoscope. She now sits in the executive suite at Echo Lake's Mercy Hospital, working 60-hour weeks in an attempt to balance budgets and keep funding flowing to departments that need it most. When a budget crisis forces her to go toe-to-toe with the beloved, dedicated, and unfairly hot Dr. Joshua Mackenzie, interim head of pediatrics, she's suddenly way over her head.

Josh is far too busy on the pediatric floor to take a meeting with some lunatic from the finance office who undoubtedly wants him to find more ways to get blood from the proverbial stone, so he avoids her ... until one day she shows up in his office, all sexy sweetness and bluster, and refuses to be ignored. She's full of ideas that'll never work, but he knows the only way for her to see that is for her to move her office to Pediatrics for two weeks. Then they can talk about cuts, because he knows it won't take nearly that long for her to realize there none to be made.

It's only two weeks of long, long hours working at odds in small, small spaces. Surely they can last that long without getting distracted ...

Book Reviews

Julia Kent fan

Really sweet!5 star

Beautiful story and wonderful characters.55


4 stars4 star

This is a solid romantic story. It also works well to portray the challenges of being a healer in a modern society where money drives ALL. The book tackles all kinds of difficult realities around illness, death, medicine, and breakdown of families and social support systems. Yet, somehow, it manages to sound a note of hope and acceptance. It isn’t dark (despite my serious description), but it is more realistic and mature than most books of this “romance” genre.45

Grannie Karon

Moonlight Crush5 star

Yeah, a story with meat to it. Sex was hinted at, not overdone. Loved the story; could not put it down. Thank you for an enjoyable read that said so much.55


She’s wearing Jimmy Choo’s but doesn’t know where to cut the budget1 star

It’s important to me to like the heroine. So having her wear fancy clothes and live in a new condo while the hospital is having financial difficulties is just a no starter for me. Please! If you can’t make us like the hero why are you even writing romance?15

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