Never Have You Ever

Never Have You Ever Summary

Who is this guy?
Sophia Mason’s junior year of college isn’t exactly off to the best start. The semester has just begun, and the president of her sorority has already ousted her from the house. With nowhere else to turn, she ends up at her brother’s apartment—only to find it inhabited instead by a handsome stranger.
On paper, Drew Nolan doesn’t have much going for him as an uneducated bartender from a sketchy family. But when a spoiled rich kid asks Drew to take over his life so he can travel around Europe instead of attend classes, Drew sees the opportunity to get the college education he’s always dreamed of.
Forced into a cover-up under the same roof, Sophia and Drew forge an unlikely friendship. As the two grow closer, lines blur and boundaries stretch, and they find comfort in living the lie they’ve adopted. But reality comes knocking all too soon, and Sophia and Drew will have to weigh what’s worth fighting for and what should never ever have been.

Book Reviews


not worth it.2 star

Ending is a cliff hanger and next book is $7.99.25

Clean romancer

Never have you ever3 star

Would have gotten a five star review if the book didn’t end in the middle. A real teaser I would not have wasted my time on if I had known it would leave me hanging.35


Starts out fun but turns weird1 star

Initially interesting twists and turns but soon turns creepy and weird. Would not recommend this. Only able to get about half the way through before getting disgusted and lost interest.15


Great, but a cliffhanger4 star

Really enjoyed this story, but not in love with cliffhangers.45


College Romance5 star

Drew and Sophia meet under extraordinary circumstances. Sophia is attending college and a part of one of the local sororities. After a mishap she must move out of the sorority house. Lucky for Sophia her brother recently moved close by to also finish his degree at the same university. So she shows up at his door with hopes he will let her stay while she solves the problems that arose at the sorority house. Drew is living at Sophia’s brothers apartment when she arrives. Drew has taken over her brothers life at the university, getting a college education for free if he can pull it off. Sophia and Drew work together to pull off the charade as the pull between them develops and becomes something they can not avoid. Craziness ensues as they try to keep secrets from the friends that surround them. Will they get their happily ever after? Sweet story filled with friends, family and some crazy fun filled experiences.55


Ah Pure Greatness5 star

I needed this fantastically fun fast rom-com read. The shenanigans Drew and Sophia get into are the ultimate. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down.55

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