Pennies Summary

"I'm not the hero in this story, girl. You'd do best to remember that."
Once upon a time, I was an eighteen year old psychology student.
Now, I’m a man’s property.
Stolen and sold, I’ve been decorated in bruises since the day my world changed two years ago.
I suffer in silence, I crave freedom, but I never break.
I can’t.
Until he arrives.
Elder Prest, the only man to look at me and see me. The only man more ruthless than my owner.
He wants me for reasons I don’t understand.
He claims me for one night then leaves and never looks back.
Until he returns.
And life becomes much more complicated.

Pennies is book 1 in the USA Today Bestselling Romance, DOLLAR SERIES

Book Reviews


This book dragged3 star

Seldom do I read a book that I don’t finish a series for, and especially not a pepper winters book, but this dragged on forever onto to stop right before the next book. I don’t want to go thru that again in the second book35

Waiting in Vegas

Pennys5 star

The best book I read in a long time!55


Pennies5 star

Great book, not for the faint of heart! The pain and suffering was made very real. Had many triggers, but the story was perfectly set. The pain and agony was so heart wrenching it brought me to tears. The author truly had you understanding her strength and will to live.55


Didn’t like it2 star

It’s a good story but she keeps repeating her self and it’s too long....I skipped so many pages because it’s the same thing...I looked for all the “ “ so I read something different...the second book does not have a sample it’s only 9 pages and it’s regarding the other books...not interested in reading the rest...25


Less than interesting1 star

Repetitive and could be significantly condensed.15


Pennies4 star

Wow! Just wow! There were times I thought things couldn’t get worse for Prim then there’s another unexpected twist. Emotional and very dark.45


Brilliant5 star

Life Changing Story55


Never Have read a Book like this4 star

It was sad, but worth the time !45


A M A Z I N G!5 star

This is a must read! So detailed and suspenseful. You never know what's going to happen next. Definitely not your average story line and I love it! I actually felt like I was in her shoes. I'm ordering the rest of the collection now :)55


Good Read5 star

I couldn’t stop reading this book! I finished it in one day!55

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