Raise Your Game

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RULE #1: Never apply for a promotion while drunk.
RULE #2: Never spill your margarita on your laptop and accidentally hit send on an email telling your boss to shove his promotion up his…
RULE #3: Never attempt to salvage your career by pretending to be your boss’s wife.
RULE #4: Never, ever fall in love with your boss.

Book Reviews

Crazy not lazy

Raise Your Game5 star

I loved this book. It was hilarious and heart-warming. It made me smile and laugh. The characters were perfect in every way!55

Relaxed in San Diego

Ok3 star

Not what I expected from the blurb. It was ok.35


A strange storyline but great ending4 star

A true playboy with a dysfunctional father and brother, a competition set up between the brothers that really has no winner, and brothers who want to win at all costs. Exploring weaknesses in their acquisitions and using those is second nature to both but in a different way. The playboy meets his match.45


4 stars4 star

Humorous romance. Entertaining.45

none open to use

I have a hard time knowing why they want me to rate a title.4 star

Good characters and entertaining.45

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