Rev Me Up

Rev Me Up Summary

A road trip with his most important client’s sexy daughter. What could go wrong?

When hot redheaded Lily walks into Nico Marino’s classic car restoration shop, he figures she’s the frisky blind date his friend arranged. The sizzling seduction comes to a screeching halt when he learns she’s the daughter of his wealthiest client. This is one hookup he has to say no to, only Lily has other ideas.

Lily Spencer knows men only want her for her money or her family, but she has a plan to end her two-year dry spell with the sexy Nico—getting his hands on a 1969 Mustang she’s inherited. And hopefully on her too. All it takes is a two-week, no-strings road trip. Lily won’t take no for an answer.

BOOK 1: The Opposite of Wild
BOOK 2: Daisy Does It All
BOOK 3: Bad Taste in Men
BOOK 4: Kissing Santa
BOOK 5: Restless Harmony
BOOK 6: Not My Romeo
BOOK 7: Rev Me Up
BOOK 8: An Ambitious Engagement

BOOK 1: Almost in Love
BOOK 2: Almost Married
BOOK 3: Almost Over It

Book Reviews


Meh3 star

It was a cute story, but overall didn’t do much for me. It was very predictable and the characters lacked depth. I never really cared too much about any of them and when I started to, then something would happen that made me care less. If you’ve read and enjoyed other books in the series, I’m sure this one fits right in but as a stand-alone it was just okay.35


Great read!5 star

Loved it! Felt like it was moving a bit fast in the beginning but was good in the end55


Rev me up5 star

Very good story, enjoyed the book, Thank You55


KaCee5 star

Wow what a HEA!55


I love Nico and Lily!5 star

And the Clover Park series continues. I love going back to this fun loving town again and again. This is Nico and Lily's story. There's a story of mishaps. First with Nico mistaking her for a certain "friend" his brother was sending over to "meet". Then a road trip that is suppose to be a fling turns into a place where feelings are developed but denied. This was the first book by Kylie that had me shedding tears. I felt for Lily. Stuck in a loveless family and riddled with insecurities, I just wanted her to find her happily ever after whether is with a man or in a family. She is a big hearted girl who is just looking for someone to connect too. You know Nico is the right man for her when he shows her a great amount of patience when she presents her crazy agenda for their road trip. Nico is not without his own baggage. Emotionally scarred by a past relationship has him afraid of forming bonds with any woman. That is until Lily sneaks her way past his defenses. Rev Me Up is a heart warming fun read. Kylie infuses her sense of humor in the heroine that I always enjoy reading and the men in Clover Park makes me want to pay it a visit. Do yourself a favor and pick up this great read.55

Maura Prenty

Start Your Engines!5 star

This time, the latest in the Clover Park series heads out of town for a comedic, passionate road trip. After an unorthodox first meeting, Nico and Lily soon decide a “no strings attached” two week car ride to Los Angeles is just what they need. Of course, as the miles add up, the trip fills up with more “strings” than a philharmonic orchestra section. I love how Ms. Gilmore creates such rich, believable characters. On the surface, one would think Lily has it all. She’s smart, educated, friendly, a tad quirky, and comes from a wealthy family. But her personal life is far from perfect, and she has just as many insecurities as the next woman. The author skillfully reveals them so the reader fully empathizes with her, never once leaving us with the feeling that she is just being a “poor little rich girl.” On the contrary, Lily is someone any woman would want as a friend. Based on a past relationship, Nico doesn’t believe he’s cut out for marriage, especially not to a woman who has grown up with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. His blue collar, one-night stand lifestyle suits him just fine. His patience and tenderness as Lily’s insecurities become more evident soon reveal a man of true character, rather than the babe-hound he believes himself to be. And, I’m happy to add, his kind nature is compounded by his Italian and oh-so-hot charisma. So if you’re looking for a funny, warm, sweet yet spicy hot read, Rev Me Up is the book for you.55


Its a Fun Trip5 star

As always another winner from Kylie! She had me laughing in the first chapter. I loved their journey to love. Written smoothly with great talent yet again!55


MORE!!!!! I want to read MORE!!!5 star

MORE!!!!! I want to read MORE!!! I absolutely love this series. Each book is a standalone, and each book I have read has the perfect amount of heat and humor mixed in to the contemporary romance novel to make it believable. The way Lily and Nico met cracked me up. No spoilers here, but let's just say is was a wild case of mistaken identity! It pulled me in and I couldn't put the book down! Lily battled with some self-esteem and self-image issues, along with major family issues, as many of us do, and it made her very relatable. Some of the things she said had me laughing out loud! Nico was absolutely adorable. I enjoyed reading his transformation as the road trip progressed, and I really felt for him towards the end. I enjoyed the cameos of other characters in the series, and I can't wait to read about Nico and Lily in future Clover Park books!!! ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***55

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