Rogue Rascal: A Vegas Best Friend’s Little Sister Romantic Comedy

Rogue Rascal: A Vegas Best Friend’s Little Sister Romantic Comedy Summary

What happens in Vegas follows me home…and it’s my best friend’s little sister.
I’m the good-time guy, so when my best friend asked me to be in charge of his bachelor party, you’d better believe we’re heading to Vegas. After our wild night, I wake up in a strange hotel room, wearing a gold band on my finger. Worse, there’s a bridal veil on the nightstand.

Then I relax. Ha-ha. Very funny, guys. I’m the king of pranks, and my friends are getting me back.

But then my bride appears, and the real nightmare begins. It’s Riley, my best friend’s little sister, looking all grown up and—gulp—married. To me. My best friend forbade me even looking at her on account of my rep for one-nighters.

This has to end right away.

Only somehow I get more and more tangled up in her life, trying to do damage control, and a funny thing happens on the way to ending this marriage—

I’m having second thoughts.

This romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happily-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

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Book Reviews

Mc Lyn

Rouge Prince4 star

Excellent book! Capitivating!45


Rogue Rascal4 star

It started great but eventually it slowed down and ended with a nice HEA. Adopting45


Realistic3 star

Good plot and characters. It was fairly realistic.35


Love the Characters3 star

I love the characters in this story. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.35


Oop! Married5 star

When it comes to Kylie Gilmore’s books I can’t wait to read her next book! Rogue Rascal is an truly humorous love story and a delightful wonderful romantic story. Jack loves to play pranks on his friends and loved ones and Riley is the quiet younger sister of his best friend and they wake up married in Vegas. Oops! You will laugh and enjoy reading Rogue Rascal, I highly recommend reading it! I received this book as an arc for an honest review of it.55


Loved Riley and Jack5 star

Rogue Rascal (The Rourkes) was another fun and entertaining story from the very talented Kylie Gilmore. This book had me giggling at times and pulled at my heartstrings other times, I even felt a bit misty eyed at one point. I absolutely loved these two characters they were so darn lovable in my opinion, they had a fantastic chemistry and you could really feel their connection from the very start of the book. This author made these two come alive they felt so real and I have to say I absolutely loved this book. Jack is the life of the party kind of guy he is always ready to pull a prank on family and friends, when his best friend asked him to set up the bachelor party, its party time and Vegas here we come. Riley is the serious hard working one and the best friend’s little sister she just once wants to be the fun one the spontaneous one. This is just the start of one great story. I highly recommend this book.55

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