SEAL's Homecoming

SEAL's Homecoming Summary

When Chance McCallister left her to join the Navy SEALS, Mandy Loomis was devastated. Now, more than ten years later, Chance and his brothers are back in town for their father's funeral, but Mandy is no longer that moon-eyed teenager she once was. She's a fiercely independent woman determined to solve her own problems—and she has plenty. 

When her gambler father died two years prior, he left Mandy—along with a successful auto repair business—with a ton of debt owed to a ruthless loan shark.  Mandy is barely getting by, and when her mechanic quits, she's in a real bind. It just so happens, Chance is willing to help out. Sure, Chance is bigger, stronger, and sexier than ever, but Mandy isn't interested in anything but his mechanical skills. Or maybe just a bit interested in his kissing skills—which, by the way, are just as good as she remembers.

Mandy wasn't the only one brokenhearted when they were just teens. Chance never did get over his first love, and seeing her now only brings back those feelings in a major way. He's grown up a lot since he left their little town, and now that he's home, he's determined to win back the girl he never should have lost. If only he can convince Mandy that he can protect her from the loan shark and his thugs, and that she doesn't have to protect her heart from him.

But just as the two are beginning to realize they're meant to be together, the loan shark makes things more than just a little precarious, putting both their love and their lives in danger.

Book Reviews


Smokin Hot SEAL5 star

Fast paced, unpredictable plot. Love the characters Intense connection!55


Good4 star

Very good book and believable storyline. Solid characters and a sweet reconnecting of two past loves.45

1966 hNS

Fast read3 star

Likable characters but not a lot of depth. Tension and drama was interesting. Detailed sex scenes.35


Seal’s Homecoming5 star

Great read55


SEAL’s Homecoming5 star

Loved this sexy and intriguing story. Broken hearts but a love that lasts a lifetime.55


A seal’s homecoming5 star

Twelve years of estrangement creates barriers as high school lovers find each other in the old hometown. There are complications including a gambling monster ring. Just as you despair, the romance.....oops spoiler alert.55


3stars3 star

This was a good read. Both Chance and Mandy need to be smacked upside the head a couple of times but I’m glad they got their second chance.35


Her protector5 star

The way that Chance and Mandy were able to work together in the garage and get to know each other over again helped in rekindling their relationship. Chance still took it upon himself to find a way out of the situation that Mandy was in and nearly tore them apart, but she understood his reasoning in the end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


SEAL’s Homecoming5 star

A sexy buff SEAL, a curvy sexy woman, a loan shark and so much more. Chance left his small town to become a Navy SEAL. Mandy was heartbroken when Chance left her. Chance and Mandy together again after several long years. Will Chance be able to convince Mandy he is back for good? This was well written, has wonderful characters and kept me entertained from beginning to end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


Wonderful Read5 star

This book was great loved Mandy she is not your typical lead female and love that about this book. Chance was a real life hero. Real page turner. This is a must read. I received a copy of this book free from Booksprout and I am voluntarily leaving this review.55

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