Sexy in Stilettos

Sexy in Stilettos Summary

It was all for show. At least it was supposed to be. When I agreed to be Jaya Trudeaux's fake fiancee for her sister's wedding, I didn't expect to crave her like I do. After all, billionaires make great dates on paper.

But I'm not the guy who sticks around. I'm not the guy who falls in love. But little miss uptight, list-maker who’s never had any fun makes me desperate to loosen her up.

Before I know it, I'll do anything to make her smile, to make her make her moan. This was all supposed to be temporary. So why do I want to keep her?

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Book Reviews

R Starchman

Sexy in Stilettos book 1 by Nana Malone5 star

Jaya and Alec’s story and a very good book. These two met in an elevator after Jaya had just been fired and was in tears. This meeting end in a very heartwarming love . I highly recommend this book .55


Something to read during a flight delay2 star

The characters were hard to relate to. Situations too contrived or cliche. Maybe there wasn’t enough dialogue to help understand them. Or maybe just a beginning writer.25


Compelling5 star

Very sexy55


Sexy stilettos5 star

Enjoyed reading this book. TY55


Hi hi5 star

1 hour55

NAW 64

Sexy in stilettos5 star

Entertaining story with many interesting twists.55


Nope1 star

This was good until she took him back. Her reasons for ending the relationship were concrete. The proposal in front of everyone to get back the girl was unrealistic and trashy. The guy didn’t change in the six months after they broke up. The dad didn’t change at all, didn’t love his daughter at all! The dad totally favored his other daughter and his nasty son in law! The characters weren’t that dynamic, lacking passion!15


Sexy in stilettos5 star

By nana Malone Amazing story! Perfect amount of emotional and funny! Bookbub55


Sexy in Stilettos5 star

Great book! Loved the characters! Can’t wait to read the next!55


Graphic2 star

I had to skip chapters to skip the graphic sex. It would have been a great book if the graphic details were left out. Beware!25

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