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Chris “Shooter” Sullivan has returned to his home town of Rapid City, South Dakota to pick up the pieces of his life shattered by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He only wants to focus on holding what’s left of his old unit together, running his garage where he builds custom bikes and cars, and pretending that his murdered father’s motorcycle gang doesn’t exist.

Hayley Turner is a young woman with her own traumatic past. Fresh off the bus from Nowhere, USA, all she wants is a job and a place to live, until it’s time for her to leave again. She doesn’t want to make friends, or enemies, least of all the ex-Army Ranger who obviously doesn’t like her. She bristles under his watchful eye. He’s even got her convinced she’s bad news.

But circumstances force two people who don’t need anyone to need each other more and more. The more Chris gets to know Hayley, the harder it is to stay detached. And the more Hayley gets to know Chris, the more she realizes she’s been alone for so long she might never recover from it.

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Bullseye for Shooter5 star

Great read. It is sexy, mysterious and full of surprises.55


Shooter5 star

Loved this book! I rarely give a book a 5 but this one deserves it. It had me laughing through about 3/4 of it. Then it made me cry. Chris(Shooter) and all his friends are dream guys because men just can’t be that sweet. Liked Sarah’s character too. Hers was heartbreaking though. I have no doubt I’ll read the whole series now.55


Great read!5 star

I enjoyed the character development throughout the story. The characters felt like real people not just characters written to have sex and talk dirty to each other. I have re-read this book 3x.55

Nyy Lew

Love love love5 star

This book is written so well. I laughed,cried and had every emotion in between. It’s a must read!55


Love this book5 star

First time I am reading a story by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Will definitely read other books by this author.55


Shooter5 star

I absolutely LOVED this book!!!! Every character and their own personalities...especially Sarah & Chris ❤️.... I started it and couldn’t put it down!!! Can’t wait to read the rest in the series!!!!55

Trini garnica

Rushed4 star

There’s were moments that the story felt rushed or like it was missing something more but still good read with well built characters leaving you wanting to read on the rest of the fellas.45


Love❤️5 star

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve read this series! Absolutely loved this book and the ones that follow. Amazing characters that I fell in love with over and over again.55


Recommended4 star

Chris “Shooter” Sullivan is ex-military, and he now owns a garage in Rapid City, South Dakota. When a friend asks him to rent to her new employee he is none to happy. He thinks that Hayley is a con-artist taking advantage of his friend. Hayley is on the run, she changes cities and names often trying to stay ahead of the horrors of her past. She does not get close to anyone and really doesn’t like Chris when they first meet. After some time an unlikely friendship happens between them as well as between Hayley and what is left of Shooter’s unit. Has she finally found somewhere she can feel safe or will she run again before they realize what they could have between them? I really enjoyed this book, there are a lot of typos but it didn’t detract from the story too much.45

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