Silver Lining

Silver Lining Summary

Sarah has always been torn between two worlds. The carefree, easy-going world of her hippie mom, where life is all about helping others and building good karma, and the real world, with real responsibilities, like paying bills, and getting to work on time… Values obviously gleaned from dad’s side of the family.
She has nothing but fond memories of her father. He was always there for her, and clearly loved her mother more than she even thought possible, despite mom’s overtly eccentric behavior. Losing dad was tough, but now she’s been reduced to being the girl with the crazy mom. A reputation that’s not likely to increase her chances of landing her dream promotion at the resort across the bay where she works. Especially with the new competition. Ben is an attractive, sophisticated, and savvy business-man, clearly there to destroy her chances of getting the job. Her luck couldn’t be worse.
With an obvious attraction and closeness forming between the two, Sarah discovers that Ben’s motives may not be as clear as she first thought. What’s he really doing there? Is she being played?

Benjamin Rothschild has come to the popular upscale resort strictly for business. Under the assumption he’s there to evaluate Sarah for a new position, he can’t help being drawn in by her sensual charm and free-spirited nature. But, for some reason this passionate beauty has it out for him. What has he ever done to her?
With so much confusion and something obviously lost in the translation, he’ll have to do everything in his power to convince her that his intentions for her are true. 

Book Reviews


Silver lining3 star

English teacher here: the book needs serious editing. Most aggravating error is the past tense of shine is shone, not shoned. Things all magically work out in the last 40 pages or so.35


Yass2 star

Ooooo I liked it . JK IT wAS tHHe wORst BooK eVVER!!!,!25


So sweet5 star

Sarah and Ben’s story was so cute. Ben is tasked with evaluating Sarah for a management position at the resort she works at, though Sarah thinks Ben is there to see if he wants to take that position. Great characters and set up for the rest of the series in Silver Cove.55

802.11 Hedy Lamarr

Character Names1 star

Try using a fictional non-Dynastic surname that isn’t associated elsewhere in time with real persons. I was turned off by this immediately.15


Um4 star

*Spoilers* So, the ending was really rushed. And Ben and Sarah got engaged after knowing each other for a month? Falling in love in a short time is fine, but engaged? That’s a little crazy. Other than that, I liked the book. There were some glaring grammatical errors that annoyed me to no end. Also, It’s not possible for Sarah’s great-great grandfather to have built her house in the 1700s. It’d be a stretch for him to have built it in the 1800s. If the house were built in the 1700s, it’d have been built my her great-great-great-great grandfather at the very least. Be that as it may, I’d recommend this book to others.45


Silver Lining5 star

Loved the story and the twist and turns. Wanted it to go on and on.55


Silver lining Silver Cove5 star

I started reading this book yesterday. I am already finished! I got so hooked on the personalities of the characters, and love story, that I couldn’t fathom taking a break from reading!55


Wonderful story5 star

Great read from beginning to end. Really enjoyed this one.55

Cali Jewel

Sweetly romantic5 star

Sweetly sexy, quaintly charming, emotionally engaging and highly entertaining start to this wonderful series about a peaceful resort town. Sarah is a sweet, sensual, free spirited and independent working woman looking to get a promotion in the career she loves. Benjamin Rothschild is a handsome, charming and polished businessman with a strong work ethic, he arrives at the resort to evaluate Sarah for the new position. Sparks fly and tempers flare when Sarah believes Ben is there to take her dream job. Loved this heart pounding back and forth struggle to reveal the truth between this fun couple. Looking forward to my next visit to Silver Cove.55


Sweet Romance4 star

A new romance story from Jill Sanders and I'd call it a hit. Set on the coast of Maine, the story is set in a quaint town that has characters galore. Sarah was raised in the town and now manages a private resort on a private island just off the coast. Ben is second in command of the company that owns the resort and is coming for an evaluation. Will Sarah lose her dream job or will she gain the dream guy? Well plotted and the character development was well fleshed out. The author could easily adapt this book into a series as there are many characters whose stories could be told. The setting is one that I would enjoy revisiting frequently in the future. If you enjoy a light romance with interesting characters, this is the book for you!45

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