Single Dad Protector

Single Dad Protector Summary

I love a challenge. And Ember Jones is the perfect challenge for me.
Those green eyes. That blond hair. That cynical, sarcastic tongue.
I bet I can put her tongue to much better use.
But first, I need to tackle something else.
There’s a baby on my doorstep, with a note saying she’s mine.
And I don’t know how to be a father.

So, I’m paying Ember to look after my kid.
If I end up in the nanny’s panties, then…
Where’s the harm in that?

Problem is, being a billionaire comes at a cost.
Always someone out to get you, to destroy everything you love.
To keep my daughter safe, I need to come up with a plan.
Step one: get a fake wife.
Step two: prepare for a fight.

I know Ember can handle the pretend marriage.
And there’s something else I think she can handle too:
My bad boy physique, slammed up against her beautiful body.
Dominating her every f**king chance I get.
I just need to protect her at the same time.
Then I might even be able to make this marriage mean something.
And my pretty little wife will be gasping for all the right reasons.

This is the first book in the Single Dad Protector Series by Everly Chase.

Book Reviews


Single Dad Protector by Everly Chase5 star

Ember hits Zee March’s Tesla trying to deliver a Birthday Cake on her bike. And now it’s all over the Tesla. Ember is working three jobs to make he rent. Baking cakes was not her strong point, so now she’s down to being a crime scene cleaner and phone sex operator. Zee wants to help her get a new bike and while they are discussing things. A baby is dropped off on his doorstep.55


Single Dad Protector Book One4 star

So far, so good. I like that she’s on the other side of the NY hustle. Broke, living in the Bronx and trying anything to survive. I nanny’d in NY during my undergrad as well. So I liked that I could see myself in her. I look forward to the rest.45


Single Dad Protector by Everly Chase5 star

Just read the first book in Single Dad Protector by Everly Chase. Really enjoyed the plot and the characters can’t wait to see how this plays out.55


Single dad protector5 star

Awesome book keeps you wanting to read more and more. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books.55


Fast Read5 star

Comical, with a great story line that made me not want to put the book down!55

Soccermomof 3boys

Not bad4 star

This short read has kept me interested and wanting to know how the storyline plays out. There were plenty of opportunities to expand on ideas to establish a better connection with the characters that were not utilized, but overall not bad.45


Single Dad5 star

Can't wait to read what new adventures zee and ember and Molly have!55


Single Dad Protector BookOne by Everly Chase3 star

Any single man would freak out, to see a baby at your doorstep, regardless rich or poor! Will Ember say yes to his proposal so Zee can adopt Molly?35


Single Dad Protector by Everly Chase download to iBooks4 star

This book has my curiosity up to see if dad fells in love with baby and Ember. To see if they get married???45

This app is getting annoying

Short but exciting5 star

I normally do not give short books the day of time because you do not get to know the characters well and everything feels rushed. But this book grabs you in from the first pages all the way until the last.55

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