Strange Secrets

Strange Secrets Summary

Your past does not define you. It prepares you.

Everyone has a past. 
But not everyone has a past like mine.

I've left the life I lived before behind. Started over in Kingston—a small town with a big heart. Nothing like the cold, hard city that I'd called my home before. 

But to begin again, I had to piss off some dangerous people.

And now, she is here, too. Sarah. Intrepid new reporter at the Kingston Press, and the hottest thing on two legs that's ever walked through this town. She's set her sights on me and the past I've been running from all this time. 

They say lies are just a temporary delay of the inevitable. If she finds out the truth… 

Everything could come tumbling down—and she could be caught in the middle of it. 

Secrets & Lies Series

Book 1 - Strange Secrets

Book 2 – Evading Secrets

Book 3 – Inspiring Secrets

Book 4 – Lies and Secrets

Book 5 – Mastering Secrets

Book 6 – Alluring Secrets

Book Reviews


Hard to read2 star

This was so hard to read. It was unfocused and all over the place.25


Strange Secrets5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, cannot wait to read #2 (Evading Secrets)! This is honestly my favorite book by Lexy Timms....well-written, amazing plot, characters, suspense. The sexual chemistry and build-up was perfect, couldn’t stop reading until finished. Great read!55


Great book til the end3 star

Great book. It kept up the suspense but the end was very abrupt. It was like they said no more pages and make an ending in two pages. Strange.35

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