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Ugh, Christmas. Not a fan. So why am I wearing a Santa suit and letting frisky moms paw me at a reindeer ranch? It might have something to do with the family crisis that drew me home between tours as a career Marine. Or maybe it's my urge to cozy up with the prickly reindeer rancher whose curves give me visions of something way hotter than sugarplums. Jade King isn't thrilled I'm here, and she'd be less thrilled to know her sister hired me to keep an eye on things. Someone's set on sabotaging the ranch, so I've got a built-in excuse to get close to Jade. I could swear the attraction's mutual, but something's holding her back. Some secret in her past that has her pushing me away like a bad batch of eggnog. It's almost as baffling as all these accidents at the King sisters' place. Seriously, who'd screw with a reindeer ranch? Between sexy Santa suit malfunctions and risqué Christmas cookies, Jade and I keep ending up under the mistletoe together. Is there any chance we can mesh our Christmas wish lists, or will it all crash down like a fat man in a cast iron sleigh?

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Stud Santa4 star

Fun, quick read.45


Stud muffin Santa5 star

A good book.55


Really sweet romance5 star

Brandon and Jade seem to be the ultimate of opposites attract but both have layers of problems that seem destined to keep them apart. You will enjoy this sweet love story!55


Great book to read5 star

I could not stop reading this book. The characters are great, especially Jade. I liked the story line and that love happens to her and for her. Great ending.55


Studmuffin5 star

Loved this book. The originator comedy kept me laughing.55

Babs LaBouche

Stud muffin Santa5 star

Great read 💕I recommend it55

Fine pumpkin 511

Ho Ho Ho5 star

So cute and sweet with a touch of spice is how I describe this book. It was laugh out loud funny as well as touching. It reminds you that how we are treated as children often affect what type of adults we become. You can take the negative in your childhood and use it as a positive in adulthood but insecurities still sometimes rear their ugly heads. Brandon and Jade overcame painful things in their childhoods to become great caring adults. The supporting characters were also great. I’m looking forward to their stories. By the way Tammy the reindeer is a hoot.55


A very merry Christmas indeed!5 star

Super cute and funny read! Amber and Jade are sisters running a reindeer ranch. They hire ex-marine Brandon to work as their Santa. Since he is Studmuffin Santa, all the local moms bring out their kid, hoping that Santa will also grant their wishes. Jade isn’t thrilled that her sister hired him, but cannot deny that he helps increase sales. Both Brandon and Jade feel an instant attraction, But try to fight it. Great start to a fun series.55

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