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Mistaken identity leads to love in TEMPT ME, the first book in the new steamy contemporary romance series THE MACINTYRE BROTHERS SERIES from USA TodayBestselling Author S. E. Lund:

I thought my life was all mapped out – marriage to my very ambitious fiancé, a career in business writing and a family.

Then I found my husband-to-be in the middle of more than just dictation with his nubile young 'sexretary' Bunni.

That's Bunni with an 'i' just so we're clear.

Brokenhearted, I swore off men in general and office romances in particular. I escaped to Manhattan with the plan of starting a new life on my own two feet, free of my cheating fiancé.

Despite an initial disastrous encounter with sexy bicycle courier Josh, I couldn't help but admire his buff body, sharp mind and sense of humor. On top of it, he was a real gentleman, offering to help me when my life crumbled around me.

Maybe a crass and meaningless relationship of sex, sex and more sex with his hunky and very buff cyclist body would be good enough. He might not be my own Mr. Big, but a fling with him would sure beat another session with B.O.B.

Then I discovered that the sexy bicycle courier who stole my heart was none other than Joshua Macintyre Jr., one of America's richest bachelors.

Not only that, he's also my boss.

Now, I'm afraid I'm going to break all my rules about office romances…


Five brothers. One hell of a last will and testament. Five couples find their happy ever after.

BOOK ONE: TEMPT ME is the story of Josh and Ella's beginning.

BOOK TWO: TEASE ME continues the story of their growing romance.

BOOK THREE: TAME ME follows the couple as they find their happy ever after.

Book Reviews

Book Worm Plus

Tempt Me2 star

Wish I had know this was not a standalone .25

Alaska gal in Texas

Easy book to read from start to finish.5 star

Enjoyed texts between Ella & Joshua, wanted them to fall in a lasting love.55


Just Enough5 star

Only thing wrong with this entertaining book is that it’s a cliffhanger. Just enough for a stand-alone the promise of more.55


Didn’t make it past page 5…1 star

Couldn’t get past the page where she consistently called her ex “jerkface” how juvenile and cringy.15


Dreams due come true5 star

I thought I was in love & it turned out there was a difference of the opinion from the opposite sex. Going to New York was the best thing ever. I always dreaming of moving & getting a job in Manhattan, finding real love. It comes when you least expect it.55


It was ok2 star

It was a nice romance but kind of boring and predictable. Seemed like the writer repeated things as filler. This couple doesn’t inspire enough to keep reading subsequent books25


SO SO2 star

It wasn’t the best romance book I’ve read. They were too focused on tiny details. Also the story was strung out. I had to skip over so much of the tiny details to get to the main parts of the story.25


Disappointing to find it was just a teaser3 star

Luckily, I was getting tired of the slow progression of the story. I should have know it was just the set up for the next book. Also the typos, missing words and incorrect grammar were unacceptable.35


Tempt Me5 star

Absolutely wonderful story. TY55


Pacing issues3 star

I’ve been reading romance and erotica novels a lot during quarantine and this is the first I’ve, unfortunately, felt prompted to review. This first book was free and the next two are each $5...considering this book took roughly 260 pages to tell barely any story, it’s easy to guess that you’ll only get 1 novel’s worth of story from the entire trilogy, making it one $10 book. Fine, if it’s worth it, but I’m not certain it is. Entire story takes place over 2ish weeks, though it gets confusing, sometimes sounding like 2-3 days have passed only to have them refer to “yesterday” and you realize those 2-3 days were just one day... most other novels would have told in about 80 pages what took this author 260. There are also story inconsistencies pointed out by other reviewers... one I have to point out is how confused I was when Josh and Ella are officially introduced by her supervisor. Up to then everything is fine. Josh admitted his true identity to Ella during their dinner date, and she even said she’d met him in the elevator before....but suddenly it’s him groveling about being sorry he lied about who he was and her not wanting to date her boss...like, you were hesitant but cool with it the night before, what actually happened here? Anyway, characters and premises are likable, but it’s far too redundant and drawn out. Prepare to read the trilogy for 1 story, I wasn’t prepared for that so I won’t be continuing.35

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