Tempting Levi

Tempting Levi Summary

Off-limits never looked so tempting...

Levi Cade’s firefighting career burned up after an accident on the job. Then is father died and left him in charge of the family’s multimillion-dollar resort. Now he’s forced to work with financially uptight advisors telling him what to do, and he needs someone he can trust at his side.

The perfect candidate walks through the door in a pencil skirt, fitted white blouse, and a mass of wavy blond hair she tries to contain.

The only problem?

She’s his cheating ex’s younger sister.

Hell no. The last thing Levi needs is another Wright female in his life.

Then again, he always liked playing with fire…

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"Jules Barnard continues to deliver fun and sexy stories that are easy to get lost in."~ Ramblings From This Chick

★★★★★ “My world has been changed by the Cade brothers.” ~ Reviewer

“My scar looks hot, does it?” he said.
She laughed as he peppered her skin with light kisses. “Very hot.”
“Don’t give me ideas Emily, or I won’t let you go home.”

Book Reviews


Predictable and tame3 star

This is a cute rom com read. It’s predictable and has the “romance story line”. It’s tame in the intimacy department and the writing is okay.35

Crazy not lazy

Tempting Levi3 star

I kept waiting for the book to be interesting, but it never did. It seemed like it was plowing through mud. This book lacked substance. The main characters weren’t even that interesting!35


Tempting Levi5 star

Complicated relationships, a major attraction, and crooks to be found! You’ll enjoy this sexy and conflicted family and Levi and Emily’s love story.55


4 stars4 star

Light-hearted, tender love story. Also a bit of humor thrown in.45


Tempting Levi4 star

Enjoyed the story.45


Tempting Levi5 star

Enjoyed the story. Would recommend it to anyone that loves romance..55


Tempting levi3 star

It would have been nice to have a more complex plot. The story was too predictable.35


Mehhh3 star

Just basic35


Jules Barnard puts the sparkle in this Lake Tahoe casino romance4 star

Her 'Men of Lake Tahoe' series was my first introduction to Jules Barnard's perfectly pitched writer's voice. She has a warm and casually intimate style - a chat-over-coffee-on-a-rainy-morning-at-home style. Her characters in Tempting Levi are as real a the people you and your friends chat about, and she writes like she's one of them. Levi Cade may be the eldest and most angst-ridden son among the five Cade brothers, but Dad died and left him boss of the family casino business, and his brothers' futures. (Levi's a bit too into martyrdom for a genuine alpha, at first...). And MS. Emily Wright, his new Adm. Asst.- well she's his ex-fiancee's sister, and a player in a two-family brouhaha with history and hard feelings still intruding on the present. Plus, she's beautiful, and has all the right job qualifications, and she's so competent...and Levi's in trouble. This man sure can manufacture guilt, and Business-savvy-but-not-Man-savvy Emily sure knows how to misread the signs. Getting these two well-suited suits together in the bedroom as well as the boardroom is a considerable feat which the author pulls off with panache, and heat, and romantic tension in spades. Those familiar with the Early MoLT series will recognize cameo appearances from those stories (the novels share a close Lake Tahoe community setting), but Tempting Levi totally works as a standalone. Thank Hidden Gems for the ARC, and this is a voluntary and independent review.45


I can't wait for more books in this series!5 star

I can't wait for more books in this series! This is the first book I've read by Jules, and it for sure won't be my last! This was a solid and steamy contemporary romance with a large cast of characters I can't wait to learn more about! Emily and Levi were in a tough spot; they knew they had feelings for each other, but thy let the stigma of Emily being "the ex's little sister" stop them from pursing each other. They worked in close proximity, so you can imagine the tension that was built up having to restrain themselves! I really liked Levi. He suffered loss in his personal and professional lives and then his father died and dropped a high-end resort on him. It was interesting to read how he coped with all of the above and incorporated them all into his current life. Emily also experienced some rough stuff in her life, but it helped to form her assertiveness. I liked when she unleashed said assertiveness when it came to Levi. Nope, no pushover here! I FLEW through this book, not wanting to put it down! I'm looking forward to reading more about these here Cade boys! (I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)55

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