The Bastard

The Bastard Summary

I'm the bastard child, son to the mistress, my father's backup heir to the Mitchell empire. He sent me to Harvard. I left and became a Navy SEAL, but I'm back now, and I finished school on my own dime. I'm now the right hand man to Grayson  Bennett, the billionaire who runs the Bennett Empire. I'm now a few months from being a billionaire myself. I don't need my father's company or his love. My "brother" can have it. I will never go back there. I will never be the mistake my father made, the way he was the mistake my mother made.

And then she walks in the door, the princess I'd once wanted more than I'd wanted my father's love. She wants me to come back. She says my father needs to be saved. I don't want to save my father but I do want her. Deeply. Passionately. More than I want anything else.

But she's The Princess and I'm The Bastard. We don't fit. We don't belong together and yet she says he needs me, that she needs me. We're like sugar and spice, we don't mix, but I really crave a taste. Just one. What harm can just one taste do?


Book Reviews

Ms. 131685

Interesting Read!5 star

I really enjoyed this book! It keep me wanting more, so I’m on to the next installment. I’m hooked!55


Half a book.3 star

Hate having to get next book to finish story35


Ehhhh2 star

The two main characters have annoying tendencies about them. The way “The bastard” is used TOO often as an excuse/ description. Harper is supposed to be these strong female however she is written as more naive than anything else. Not my type of character builds.25

Avid Reader QC

No HEA, no resolution, half a novel.1 star

If there is no resolution, no HEA, no HFN - it isn’t a romance novel.15


The bastard4 star

Good read45


Intriguing4 star

Well written $$$$complex, the intrigue between characters and the dimensions are not real. I consider the authors story has some links from others 📚📚☝️👵🏻👵🏻🤔Recommend reading 💭🤔45


Could barely finish2 star

Repetitive to a fault. He's a bastard, he's not a Kingston, they're not brother and sister - those plot points were hammered to death. I'm always curious to know what happens in the end but this time I'm cutting my losses and walking away, curiosity be damned.25

i luv reading

The bastard3 star

In-depth characters, have the understanding of the motivations of each character. Family intrigue. This book shows you what friends should be. Cliffhanger.35


Not sure about this one3 star

I am a fan of this author but The Bastard had too much back and forth between the main characters on their respective trust issues. This includes both dialogue and long passages with internal thoughts. Became a bit monotonous re hashing same issue.35

Cheryl SDS

It’s a cliffhanger but so worth it!5 star

This is book one in the Filthy trilogy and it features Eric and Harper. CLIFFHANGER! OMG! I am so invested in this amazing story. The forbidden love, the action, the mystery and more is outstanding. The anticipation build up is out of this world! Who’s good and who’s bad has you questioning your own judgment. Eric and Harper are explosive together! As soon as I read the last word, I purchased book two! So exciting!55

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