The Billionaire's Kiss

The Billionaire's Kiss Summary

Before I met Jacob Whitmore, my life centered around trying to score my dream job.
After Jacob, my life turned into a whirlwind of working with the rich and famous...and falling in love with the sexiest man I'd ever met. Brushes with crazy exes, long lost relatives, and homicidal criminals tested our love, but we came out stronger than ever.
And then there was Hope.
Our baby. Our future.
But all the obstacles we conquered didn't prepare me for being back at square one.
Craving his kiss.
Feeling the walls we tore down rebuild, brick by brick.
Unable to shake the feeling that despite everything we'd been through, my husband is keeping something from me...

This is the first book in the Loving The Billionaire Series by Ava Claire.

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The Billionaire `s Kiss by Ava Claire by WHR5 star

This is a continued. Story from His Submissive, Jacob and Leila are now married with a newborn daughter. Leila is having trouble adjusting to life as a new mother. Juggling her job and the baby, she misses the spontaneous intimacy with her husband. She tries to tell him how lonely she is and it comes out sending like hers cheating on her. And this is the last thing Jacob Whitmore would do.55


The Billionaire’s Kiss5 star

Author Ava Claire IBOOKS What an amazing start to this story. Exciting, intriguing and sexy. Jacob and Lea have a way to go can’t wait to read rest of their story.55

mizzou madre

All over the place1 star

There was no rhyme or reason to why the author should jump all over the place. Hard to follow. No good character description. All in all an absolutely terrible read.15


The Billionaires Kiss, Ava Claire, iBook4 star

This is worth reading, a different twist/plot to the whole meeting up with a billionaire..can't wait to get the Complete a Series as to what happens between Leila, Jacob and Corbin!45


Ending5 star

Definitely was not expecting that ending can’t wait to read the rest of the series.55

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