The Deal

The Deal Summary

On my eighteenth birthday my father, the senator, gives me the gift he thinks every little girl dreams of.

The man of my dreams, and the wedding to match.

Stefan Zoric is heir to an elite worldwide modeling agency. Practically a prince.

My arrangement is simple, as far as sham marriages go.

I give him my virginity, behave as the perfect wife and he'll pay for the college degree my father found irrelevant.

But I don't want to be the perfect wife.

I want him to want me the way I want him.

I want him to confide in me.

But Stefan has secrets that he holds close, dangerous secrets.

And soon I'm wondering what kind of devil have I made a deal with?

Book One in the Arranged Series.

Book Reviews


Fantastic5 star

What a ride. I knew there was a catch, but never expected all the deception. This was a fantastic read filled with mystery and secrets.55


Im in love5 star

It was amazing. It hurt at first but you can feel what the character was feeling which made it all so real. I honestly rate it 5/5 like yes.55


Married into sex trafficking5 star

Deviously being married to a man whose family were part of sec trafficking. I haft known the whole time & shocked when I found out. What can I do????55


Needed more Stefan4 star

I really liked this story however I would’ve liked more chapters from Stefan’s perspective.45


Trope: Arranged Marriage4 star

"We don't deal in regrets." I started and finished this book in a day. I absolutely loved it. 100% recommend it if you're into arranged marriages and a bit of an age gap. Also, one thing to keep in kind is that the Female MC is a teenager. She's not the most assertive character. Victoria, aka Tori, is turning eighteen in the beginning of the story. She's the daughter of a senator. For her eighteenth birthday, her father gifts her a man and marriage. This man is Stefan. He's the son of the owner of KZ Modeling. Victoria is immediately attracted to him. She tries to please him in every turn. Stefan is a workaholic. He, of course, is attracted to her because doesn't act on his desire until layer on. He doesn't even take her virginity during their honeymoon. He's also a bit of an arsehole. He's "hot and cold" as Victoria puts it. Victoria notices strange actions in the models of KZ Modeling doesn’t think much of it until shs over hears a conversation between Stefan's father and brother. It's mostly told by Victoria's POV with a few chapters being told in Stefan's POV.45


Great Book5 star

I felt really sorry for Victoria during the beginning of the book. However, I was deflated when she thought she would find safety in the arms of her father. BUT.....her father never was the fatherly type. I didn’t see that coming. However, I recognized that the modeling agency wasn’t all it seemed to be.55


Good plot3 star

The dialogue between the characters can get really dull at times. The characters are written to be fascinating, cultured and worldly but the book doesn’t manage to embed that into the characters. Also there’s other supporting characters that I don’t understand their connection or importance.35


The deal5 star

By Stella grey Omg! Not a HEA, good read but leaves you hanging! Bookbub55



I love every second of reading this book. There was so much things that was going on and I love that it give so much details about was going on between those sheets😉 I JUST LOVE IT!!! I never knew that I would be so happy to read a book....but this book just made me excited to read. I want to read the other books to see what’s going to happen next PLEASE give us more...thank you so much for making this book IT IS EVERYTHING55


Read it all in one day! Great Valentines read5 star

Couldn’t put it down. Read it all in one night. I can’t wait to see what happens to Tori and Stefan.55

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