The Rules of Friends with Benefits

The Rules of Friends with Benefits Summary

A good girl follows the rules. So does a smart woman. That's why I've resisted my brother's best friend for years.
Fine, fine. Maybe the sexy, charming confident baseball player hasn't given me a reason to suspect he's thinking the same flirty, dirty thoughts as I am.
But then he starts showing up by my side at sporting events. At galas. And his eyes are saying all sorts of flirty, dirty things.
Like maybe we should cross the friends line and head right into benefits? 

The Rules of Friends with Benefits is an 11,000-word prequel novella and it leads into to full-length novel The Virgin Rule Book. You don't have to read The Rules of Friends with Benefits to enjoy The Virgin Rule Book, but you'll likely enjoy this story and the characters!

Book Reviews


Generic.2 star

Feels very generic. Certainly no masterpiece and little attention to detail. Kudos for completing a book, and it’s like gossip girl for football players, but half as intriguing...25


Chatming5 star

It’s a great beginning to Nadia and Crosby’s story! I’m so looking forward to The Virgin Rule Book!55

Fine pumpkin 511

A nice setup3 star

That’s a nice introduction for the full story of The Virgin Rule Book. I’m going to enjoy reading the continuation of the story. Until next time y’all happy reading.35


Friends with Benefits4 star

It was great! I’m sad that it ended without giving me the whole story!45


The rules of friends with benefits1 star

The book has nothing to do with the title . It’s a huge cliff hanger and not in a good way . By the end you feel like you’ve only read one big chapter instead of a story . It feels like only a fraction of a book . Doesn’t really tell a story .15


Amazing5 star

It was great and I wish there was more55

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