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Millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Melody Grace’s USA Today bestselling contemporary romances. Discover the passion and romance waiting for you in Beachwood Bay… 

Emerson Ray is trouble. Juliet knows it the minute she lays eyes on Beachwood Bay's resident bad boy. Forced to spend her summer before college in the sleepy beach town, she never expected to crash into the most devastating guy she's ever met--or for Emerson's blue eyes to strip through her dark secrets, and make her feel a desire she's never known. Their connection is undeniable, but Juliet is torn. She knows, once she gives him everything, there'll be no turning back.

Juliet McKenzie is dangerous. Emerson can tell from the way she blows through all his defenses, laying bare the demons he's carried alone all his life. He's left a trail of broken hearts and empty beds in his wake, but Juliet is different. Her innocence is intoxicating--and the passion she keeps hidden, just below the surface. He wants to be the only one to set it free, but with every kiss, he's closer to losing control and doing the one thing he swore he never would: fall in love.

One summer. Two damaged hearts. Their story is only just beginning...

Author’s note: Welcome to Beachwood Bay! Each book in the series is written as a stand-alone love story following a new couple, but you’ll enjoy reading the other titles and seeing familiar faces return.

The Beachwood Bay series:

1. Untouched
2. Unbroken
3. Untamed Hearts
4. Unafraid
5. Unwrapped
6. Unconditional
7. Unrequited
8. Uninhibited 
9. Unstoppable
10. Unexpectedly Yours
11. Unwritten
12. Unmasked
13. Unforgettable


"Melody Grace created fascinating characters that are simply I-R-R-E-S-I-S-T-I-B-L-E ! Her stories leave you with a big smile on your face and a heart bursting with love." - A Bookish Escape Blog

“Sexy and sweet: the perfect summer read!” - Corinne Michaels, New York Times bestselling author

"Heartwarming, swoony, and sexy as hell.” - Claire Contreras,  New York Times bestselling author

“Sizzling summer perfection! Melody Grace does it again.” - Kendall Ryan, New York Times bestselling author

"Sizzling hot and super emotional - the perfect combo!" - NYT and USA Today bestselling Lauren Blakely

"A roller coaster ride of pure emotion... beautifully written." Blame it on the Rain Reviews

Book Reviews


Stand alone not!!2 star

While I love the storyline of this the cliffhanger is wrong. This book can not be read as a standalone. Miss advertising and very frustrating!!! Don’t bother unless you plan on buying the other books to this series.25


Dysfunctional Families and First Love5 star

It’s hot and steamy, and so’s the weather! First love - going for broke - all or nothing! Complicated family matters aside, it’s a summer of love! I’ve found the second book in the series, it’s for years later, and I’m anxious to dive back in Juliet and Emerson’s story!55


Untouched3 star

There were several aspects of the book that I liked. The story could be really great- broken families, first love, but there’s such a focus on the sex versus the story at times. I’m also not much of one for cliff hangers either.35


Not worth the read!!!1 star

I thought the story was good, but it was WAYYYYY too rushed and there wasn’t enough detail at all. I thought the book was RIDICULOUS and so unrealistic because of the plot and timeframe of the story! DO NOT READ!15


Not a complete book.1 star

Don’t waste you’re time with this book unless you plan on buying the rest. This was advertised as a “standalone” but it’s not at all.15


Kelly A.3 star

It’s a good base plot, but the story is disjointed and doesn’t flow well. Also, her characters are interesting, but not well developed. Left me wishing for more information and a general feeling of “what the heck?”35


No words, whatsoever5 star

This literally blew me away. Classic love story: The town's bad boy who has never loved meets a girl who changes his life forever. Sad that it may not last that long...55


Great start to this story.5 star

I can't get enough of Melody Grace. This short novella introducing Juliet and Emerson consumed me. Looking forward to reading their story.55


Untouched1 star

What was the Publisher thinking allowing these bunch of words out in circulation? Dull and annoying book, with no rhyme and reason. Don't waste your time.15

Cookie eater101

No2 star

It would have been good if it was longer. It had like two parts in it when they were together!!! It jumped from one day two the end of summer in 2.5 seconds!! No thank you😒25

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