Wanderlust Summary

A charming British hero, the woman who tempts him, and a hands-off arrangement that's oh-so-hard to maintain...
My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. All I have to do is board a plane, and I'll be on my way to fulfilling a promise I made long ago. Bonus points -- my last week in Paris looks to be even better when I meet a gorgeous, clever American woman and make plans to take her back to my flat that night.
But before we can get together for what would surely be a fantastic final fling, my boss hits me with a double whammy. My previous client didn't pay, so the trip's postponed, and the new client I now desperately need is none other than the tempting American I'm about to take home. Time to keep my hands to myself. And as I do, we get to know each other while we wander the streets of Paris together, where I discover she's witty, kind and has a delicious zest for life. Trouble is, I'm taking off for the other side of the world any day now.
What could go wrong with falling in love in Paris? Everything, if one of you is leaving...

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Wanderlust5 star

One of your best stories, of two people falling in love in the end finally getting married. Yes, a can’t put the book down.55


Wanderlust5 star

I have to say, Lauren Blakely is one of my all time favorite author. I have purchased and read so many of her books but wanderlust took the 1 spot of all her books so far. It was such a delight to read and I fell in love with Griffin right from the beginning. Griffin and Joy fell in love but it was such a refreshing change to have 2 people fall so madly for each other but still kept their stands as far as living their life how they had planned. It made the saying “ if you love someone, set them free, and if they come back to you, it was meant to be” so true. They came back to each other stronger and more in love with each other. I LOVE this book. I tip my imaginary hat to you Ms Blakey. Keep writing, and keep the stories coming. Highly recommended. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️55


Wanderlust5 star

Great story, could not put it down . Reading one afternoon. TY55

i luv reading

Wanderlust4 star

A happy look at falling in love in the city of lights. A great way to spend an afternoon45



It’s starts a little slow but man, I absolutely loved this story. Their friendship was swoon worthy but their romance...WOW. A absolute true romance. I laughed, cried and fell in love. I definitely recommend this book!55


Wanderlust5 star

Loved this sweet and sexy romance! It takes place in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world!55


Delicious!5 star

I love everything that Lauren Blakely writes but this book is her very best book EVER! She did a wonderful job creating two characters that were absolutely mesmerizing because their yearning for each other was palpable in every chapter and their love of Paris came shining through in all of those chapters as well. I will most likely never visit Paris, except in my dreams, but after reading this delicious book I feel like I’ve walked the streets of Paris, dined on the fine cuisine and gazed at the moon from the rooftop terrace where Joy and Griffin find themselves falling in love with the city and each other. Best. Book. Ever.55


Loved this book5 star

This was such a pleasure to read!55


Loved this one.5 star

Great book, that had me chewing my nails until the very end. I loved it!55

Amanda Koziczkowski

So Swoony!!4 star

So swoony Brit living in Paris, yeah I am all about that. I love that Wanderlust takes place in Paris and that its a good part of the story and not some side thought. I loved the romanticism from that. Joy and Griffin meet in such a romantic place, but things aren't that simple. They have a professional relationship first and that creates some wonderful tension and budding friendship. I really enjoyed their build up a lot, it was a little slow burn and I loved it. They have a fun energy about them through out. I really liked their storyline and loved reading in this world!45

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