Wicked Summary

"She's mine. She will always be mine. You want her, you fight for her."

Nail and bail, that's me, Ryker Conway. A relationship is a complication I don't need, the last thing on my radar. I'm too close to making my dream of playing ball professionally come true.

When a bet is thrown down—nail and bail on a girl I wouldn't look at once, much less twice, and I'll get my chance with the coed of my wet dreams—I readily agree.

What I'm not expecting is to get tangled in Harper Garrix's messed-up life. Or for her to get under my skin in this hot and dangerous way no girl's done before.

But the bet and my football dreams are the least of my worries. Something wicked from Harper's past is coming for her, threatening my place at her side. I'm not having it. To get to her, the wicked of the world will have to go through me.

Book Reviews

Staley High

Dark story with happy ending3 star

Liked this book. I had a hard time keeping up with the character names. Skip pages and didn’t missed much.35


Wicked4 star

Good Story TY45

Shanta Ballard

Engaging4 star

Good book , takes you back to being young and conflicted in college. The suspense of Harpers past kept me reading .45

Crazy not lazy

Wicked3 star

It was a nice book and had some nice moments in it. To be honest, a little too mushy for me and u realistic! It never happens that way. I will give it 3 1/2 stars.35


Wicked5 star

By Ashlyn Mathews A very intense and hot story! Also very heart warming! Bookbub55

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