Witch's Bell Book One

Witch's Bell Book One Summary

Can this witch survive in a world of magic, possibilities, danger, and love?
Ebony Bell owns a cantankerous magical bookstore with a personality like a battering ram. Her best friend is a detective who drives like a photon shot from the sun. And a tall, dark, handsome, but seriously irritating stranger named Nathan Wall has just walked into her life.
Oh, and she’s a witch. A consultant witch, to be precise. She spends her mornings selling books and her evenings investigating magical crimes for the local police department.
While her life is messy, she manages until one investigation ends in a costly mistake. She reveals her powers to a normal human and as punishment, is severed from her magic for one lunar cycle. If that was her only problem, she would cope, but soon, darkness surrounds her.
Something is after Ebony Bell, and she must fight it or die. If that weren’t enough, she must rely on the help, and kisses, of that darn Nathan Wall.

An urban fantasy with everything from romance to mystery, The Witch’s Bell Series follows the feisty Ebony Bell as she solves magical maladies, kisses detectives, and argues with her cantankerous bookstore. If you love your fantasy books packed with action, sparkles, handsome detectives, and the occasional lollypop, pick up Witch’s Bell Book One today.

Book Reviews


Great Book5 star

Very intriguing kept me on the edge of my seat55


couldn't stand more than a few pages1 star

the writing style is painful to try to read.15


Witches Bell book one5 star

Wonderful read55


Fun read5 star

What a fun read. Endearing characters, lots of action and mystery. I really enjoyed this fun book.55


Wow5 star

Loved this book one of the best I’ve read in a while it’s not just a story it really makes you think and contemplate. I’m not gonna say that sometimes i wasn’t a little lost with the explanations of magic but once i took and extra few minutes it became clear and quite honestly props to the author for coming up with such an original explanation and story. And i throughly loved how the author took her time telling this story it wasn’t a jumbled mess . Great plot, story line a characters i can’t wait to lean more about them and see how Ebony continues to grow ! Definitely read this book!!!! I can’t wait to read the rest ,Thank you to the author!!55


Fun fast-paced fantasy5 star

Interesting characters, original plot. I really enjoyed55

math wizard

Power5 star

An interesting story and a mystery still in progress. Meet Ebony Bell and Nate Wall. Yes, there are other characters but these are the main ones. The story was interesting but I found Ebony too whiny. I would have thought her a more alpha female but she was not. What is happening in the Vale is a interesting concept but I do not like weak characters and Eb was weakish. You might enjoy the book but this is the end for me.55

Ex Wordfeud Junkie

Awful!1 star

Sentence structure D- Grammar F+ Plot Incomplete Character Depth Missing Recommendation: 1) Read your own work before you comdemn us 2) Dictionaries are your friends 3) Thesaurus is also a reference15


Loved it!5 star

Very unique, and an interesting twist on the "typical" witch story line.55


Witch's Bell Book One5 star

I love this book, can't wait to start on book 2 ;)55

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